System administration/ProLiant/iLO

HP Integrated Lights-Out or iLO is an HP server management technology to provide Out of Band Management capabilities.

Connect to iLO edit

HP iLO is configured by default to get a IP via DHCP address. [1] So you can connect directly to:

https://<iLO hostname or IP address>.

Common commands edit

  • Getting help: </>hpiLO-> help
  • List of users: </>hpiLO-> show /map1/accounts1
  • Create users: </>hpiLO-> create /map1/accounts1 username=HPadmin password=Passw0rd
  • Invoke Virtual serial port: </>hpiLO-> VSP

Review full list in:

Activities edit

  1. Review HP iLO features in w:HP_Integrated_Lights-Out#Features
  2. Configure a static ip address and change password to your iLO
  3. Use Ansible hponcfg module to configure your Proliant Server:
  4. Read HPE iLO 5 Scripting and Command Line Guide:
  5. Learn about different iLO Licenses and functionalities

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