Switching Power Supply Fundamentals

Electronics Engineering/Switching Power Supply Fundamentals

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Welcome to the course EE 230.

Assumed Understanding or PrerequisitesEdit


This is a introduction in to power supplies and Switch mode power supply theory. This course will cover,

  • zenner and lm78xx based linear regulation. why it doesn't work well.
  • basic unregulated switching power supply
  • voltage feedback regulation
  • current loop limit regulation
  • Inductor based buck, boost, buck boost, invert, non isolated flyback
  • Capacitor based charge pump, buck, boost, invert

The continuation of this course is EE 330 Switching Power Supplies 2

Before contributing please see the talk page for this class for more information.EE 230 Switching Power Supply Fundamentals

Lecture planEdit

  • EE 230 Digital Electronics
    • Lecture 1, The Linear Regulation Problem.
    • Lecture 2, The Basic unregulated switching supply
    • Lecture 3, The Basic regulated switching supply
    • Lecture 4, Current sense
    • Lecture 5, Soft start
  • Mid-term Exam
    • Lecture ?, Boost, Invert, Flyback
    • Lecture ?, Linear technology's integrated switch, National Semiconductor simple switcher, TI integrated switch
  • Final Exam

Textbooks and required reading/referenceEdit

  • recommended reading
    • Demystifying Switching Power Supplies, Raymond A. Mack, Jr. ISBN 0-7506-7445-8

Lab MaterialsEdit

  • A computer with
    • windows 98,2000,ME,XP or Linux distribution with WINE

Datasheets RelevantEdit


Schmitt Trigger
Quad NAND 3-18V CD4011 CD4093
Dual D flipflop 3-18V CD4013


200mA sink/source 100mA sink 10mA source
NE555 TLC555


main product table opamps below 50mhz TI

speed 1Mhz 2Mhz 4Mhz 10Mhz
general purpose
Rail to Rail input


speed 1Mhz 2Mhz 4Mhz 10Mhz
general purpouse
Rail to Rail input NS LM339

Mosfets & BJTsEdit

P channel

amps\volts -30
5A FDC610PZ 4.9A 42mΩon +-25Vgs

N channel

amps\volts 30
5A FDC653N 35mΩon +-20Vgs



Volts\Amps 1A 2A 3 4 5
40V MBRS2040L
60V MBRA160T3

General Purpose RectifierEdit

Volts\Amps 100mA-300mA 1A
100V TH 1N914 916 4148 4448 1N4002 1N400x
75V SMT 1N914 916 4148 4448


Rseries\Ipeak 2 3.2DC 3.4(10% Ldrop) 5.2(20% Ldrop)
65mΩ [Gowanda 121AT1003V]100uH


IO pins 6 8 18 24 32

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