Sustainable Development Goals/SDG11

Sustainable Cities and Communities - Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable[2].

SDG11: Sustainable Cities and Communities - Learning Resource supports the SDGs - SDG-Tagging[1]

Learning Task edit

  • Evaluate the link between SDG3: good health and Wellbeing[3] and SDG11: Sustainable cities and human settlements by listing aspects for SDG3-SDG11-link (e.g. air pollution and respiratory diseases - see WHO)
  • Analyse other SDGs and populate the link between them with examples that are relevant for your region!
  • How can you measure, that your town or village is supporting sustainability in the context of SDG11?
  • Telemedicine is medical support via teresstial or satellite communication. Explain how telemedicine supports sustainable cities and communities! Compare rural and urban areas according to telemedicine application and identify what is needed locally beyond telemedicine to sustainable to rural communities. What are the benefits of urban areas!
  • (Scientific Hackathon) Explore the concept of a Scientific Hackathon. Create a topic for a Scientific Hackathon that has sustainable cities and communities as objective.
  • (Reach People) Explain why reaching people and creating awareness is a key element for risk management of global challenges?

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References edit

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