Sustainable Development Goals/Open SDG Course

Open SDG Course consists of units to all SDGs and cross-cutting topics. The course content will be designed with the Open Community Approach and certified with Open Badges.

Application of SDG4 (Quality Education) on Learning about Sustainability - Learning Resource supports the SDGs - UN-Guidelines[1]

Target Group edit

  • Teachers that want to set up a course about sustainability at schools, colleges, ...
  • Lecturers at universities that want to provide an elective course option about sustainability e.g. in a master course on
    • environmental science or
    • systems analysis and systems design

Learning Task edit

  • Explore the concept of Open Badges to certify accomplished course objectives. The digital badges are issued complementary to paper certificates. Explore ways of introduction of Open Badges at your school, college or university.
  • The Open SDG Course can be integrated in many master courses or subjects (e.g. economics, medicine, agriculture, architecture, production, logistics, ...). Explain how authors must design and adapt the course material, so that course content is most comprehensive for the students.
  • Analyse the concept of Badge Alliance and an Open Master Programme that is distributed between many universities and uses e-Learning and blended learning to support a distributed Open Masters Programme and minimizes the Carbon Footprint of such a Masters Programme (minimize air travel or production of Greenhouse Gas in general)

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References edit

  1. UN-Guidelines for Use of SDG logo and the 17 SDG icons (2016/10) -