Survey research and design in psychology/Tutorials/Correlation/Instructor notes

General advice to instructors edit

  1. Point out the practice correlation quiz
  2. Explain the general steps in conducting a correlational analysis (5 mins)
  3. Go over each cell of this table which shows (10 mins): types of correlation in relation to the level of measurement
  4. Demonstrate and assist students to conduct the types of correlation exercises (65 mins)
    1. Nominal by nominal
      1. Gender and God - do this step by step
      2. Smoking and Story - run via copied syntax and interpret output
  5. Demonstrate Correlation explore and Correlation guess. Challenge students to get 50% (very difficult). (10 mins)
    1. Note that one of the plots doesn't display on Correlation guess?
  6. Demonstrate and allow class to explore effects of outliers. (10 mins)
      1. An alternative is to conduct this as a whiteboard exercise (works well esp. if Java isn't working or time is tight)
  7. Demonstrate correlations and non-linear relations (5 mins). If time allows (generally not), set the task as a problem - to draw scatterplots and work out the correlations for each nominated pair and then to explain what is going on (10 mins).