Student expectations of lecturers

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Overview edit

The purpose of this page is gather student feedback about lecturers, to help improve lecture quality.

The Deal edit

OK, so here is the deal guys. I went to a seminar the other day and learnt that lecturers actually care about the message they are sending to the students and the way in which they teach. To that end I think it would be awesome if we could all very nicely alert them to things that make us sleep or day dream while they are still speaking so that it may improve the quality of lectures for us and student attendance for them. I invite you all to think of your good and bad lectures and assess what makes them what they are, what we want them to be and share!

The Good edit

  1. The best thing in lectures(I find anyway), is when the lecturer has a personality and really engages the class.
  2. Interacts with the audience
  3. Uses real examples and makes links with other content/concepts
  4. Having someone who knows what he or she is doing when marking an assignment (There is nothing worse than having your grammar or referencing incorrectly "corrected")
  5. The ability to provide constructive feedback

The Bad edit

  1. When the lecturer is unprepared and unable to answer questions.
  2. A friend tells me she has a lecturer who just reads complicated notes and when asked to clarify contradicts the original statement.
  3. Too many slides
  4. Different versions of uploaded lecture notes, handouts and slides presented at the lecture
  5. I put it to the wonderful world of Facebook and you would not believe how many response I got saying if the lecturer had no eye contact with anyone through the lecture it made students less inclined to pay attention.
  6. Students as tutors

The Ugly edit

  1. While never having experienced it myself, I am told the worst thing in the world is when a lecturer is a professor taking a first year course and annoyed by the apparent stupidity of the students and is subsequently condescending and not afraid to show his frustration or boredom.
  2. If we don't understand the content of the lecture, and when we question the teacher about it, the teacher simply says :'U students find out the answer and let me know about it!' How pathetic! The teacher doesn't know the answer and she is not accepting it in front of the students.
  3. The teachers teach in a speed as if they have a train to catch. They do not explain properly. They do not care whether the students have properly understood what they have taught, rather they are concerned about completing the syllabus! Phew! What a shame! :(

What we REALLY Want edit

  1. What I really look for and expect from a lecturer is an approachable, friendly and knowledgeable person. Someone who is passionate about what they teach and able to make the content relate to real life. Most of all I love lecturers who always make time for their students, listen to their idea's and treat them as an equal. I know I expect a lot but hey I've already found quite a few of them out there.
  2. I really would like the lecturers/teachers to praise us on our strengths first and then only point our weakness politely suggesting for improvement.
  3. I would like the teachers to have a good sense of humor. The moody and aggressive teacher is the least I want in my teacher.