Student Success/Conclusion

This lesson concludes the student success course. In includes a variety of final projects and closing activities to help you apply the course concepts.


Objectives and SkillsEdit

Objectives and skills for this lesson include:[1]

  • Apply course concepts through a comprehensive final project.
  • Utilize support services available in the college environment to meet students' personal and academic needs.
  • Create a personal development plan which includes academic and career goals and explores pathways for completion.


  1. Lumen: College Success - Conclusion


  1. YouTube: 4 pillars of college success in science


  1. Create an academic plan.
    • Select, confirm, or revise your college major.
    • Identify the courses you will need to take each semester to achieve this degree.
    • If you plan to transfer to another school, contact the transfer institution and verify in writing that the courses you plan to take will be accepted for credit toward the degree you are seeking.
    • Consider the timing and logistics of any internships, externships, or work-study programs required or recommended for this degree.
    • Work with your academic advisor to confirm your decisions and register for classes for the next semester.
  2. Create a personal development plan.
    • Synthesize what you have learned about yourself and changes you have made or plan to make based on this course experience. Include paragraphs or sections for personal values, time management and scheduling, student life and diversity, learning strategies and study skills, critical thinking and information literacy, health and safety, finances, and career exploration.
    • Include detailed information regarding your early career plans, including timeline, job title(s), educational requirements, starting salary, job outlook, typical day, etc.

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