Student Projects/Want to relieve your Stress from continuous Hardwork?

we all work hard for getting good marks but we can also do smart work to get good marks. At some point of time our mind gets distracted and we feel so stressed. Along with studying we can also do some work which help in relieving stress. So here I came up with some tips to relieve your stressful mind. Many researchers have been proven that Art and Craft should be a essential part of any school curriculum.

What is Art and Craft?

Usually it is using our hands to make small scale objects. This includes making things like embroidery, knitting, quilling, origami, sketching and many more.

Benifits of Art and Craft in School Curriculum

• Development of Fine motor Skills.

• Improvement of Hand and Eye Coordination.

• Boost Confidence.

• Enhance Creativity.

• Sharpens skill of devision making.

• Enhance memory and Visual Learning