Student Projects/Tips for healthy living


·       Get enough exercise, yoga and walk everyday

Ø  Improves our health and mood.

Ø  Relieve us from anxiety, stress, anger and depression.

Ø  Increases chances of living longer.

Ø  Helps us control our weight.

·      Get enough sleep(7-9 hours) edit

Ø  Improves concentration and productivity.

Ø  Improves our immune function.

Ø  Reduces stress.

Ø  Improves our memory.

·      Adequate drinking of water(3-4 liters) edit

Ø  It boosts skin health and beauty.

Ø  It regulates our body temperature.

Ø  It helps in maintaining blood pressure.

Ø  Prevents kidney damage.

·       Healthy diet edit

Ø  Prevents heart diseases.

Ø  Helps in maintaining diabetes.

Ø  Helps us to maintain healthy body weight.

Ø  Strong bones and teeth.

·       Keep our environment clean edit

Ø  Minimizes stress and provides positive outlook.

Ø  Improves health.

Ø  Increases self confidence.

Ø  Infection free life.

·       Reduce salt  and sugar intake edit

Ø  Protects your vision.

Ø  Reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases

Ø  Prevention from cavities.

Ø  Stable mood and energy level.