Time is one of the most important resource that every living organism need to have a hold on. The real need of the time shows up only when the deadline for any situation occurs. We usually tend to do any task assigned to us just before the deadline in a haphazard way.This type of working apparently leads to a result which is obviously not much productive also that the quality remains out of standard. A lot of situations we tend to lose hold over the time we have. This happens because of no proper planning.


Planning is nothing but sort out things and try to organize them well. Proper planning requires proper scheduling. Supposing that we study so much at once we tend to forget things or mix them up very easily. Same happens with performing many tasks at once either leads to insufficient result or a worthless product. Just planning is like having a seed and waiting for it to give fruit. Mere planning would not help us we need to plan with a proper scheduling.


Scheduling is an art of planning. One of the best method is making time tracker. Plan your whole daily schedule for those who are beginning to learn about this approach. Better start up by making list of work to be done in order to have a complete list and you don't skip any of your task. Color code your tracker in order to have motivation and get attracted to being sticking to your working times.


Anything that brings up distraction is to be removed from your work place so as to have a peaceful mindset while working. With problems and stress around us it is difficult for us to concentrate over a particular task. So better avoid having objects that distracts you around the place of work. Things like gadgets, or people around you are not conducive to your environment can spoil your time plannings.