Student Projects/Simple photography tips


Now a days photography is very common in our lives. But it is an art of memories which we live in, and enjoyed the moment. There will be feel in every picture unlike edited ones. There is a freedom to show your thoughts in your pictures by following below tips...

Angle edit

Three main things are top, side and low angles.

1. For flowers, preferably from top angle, you can take side too.

2. For nature photography, mobile should be straight and grids will help you to click a perfect picture.

3. For a person, mobile should be straight, fit to the screen, and side angle will be good.

Focus edit

Zoom in and zoom out

1. Click as near as possible and capture the real beauty of flowers (don’t zoom in).

2. First fix the exact location and focus on the particular scenery the do a little zoom in.

3.  For an expression of face, zoom in and focus on the face & eyes of a person.  

Mode edit

There are different modes for different pictures

1.   Portrait mode will give the exact picture with cleared image and blurred background.

2.   Panorama mode will give the rotation.

3.   Square mode will reduce the size to square with same image as normal.

Educational importance edit

  •        Helps to show the clear image of a particular topic.
  •      Helps in counting the cells in an organism from microscope (biology).
  •        A good image helps to know the understanding level of a student
  •        Students are enthusiastic to know the topic in a clear and creative way.
  •        A clear picture communicates the intention of a person and his/her mind set.
  •      We can embed in power point presentations for a attractive and active classroom.