Student Projects/Parts of flower

Parts of flower

   The flower is the reproductive part of plant though the flowers are of different shapes,size and colour they have same basic structure. The main parts of flower are Sepal, Petal,Androecium and Gynoecium. Let us study these little more clearly

Calyx or petals : This is modified leaf

                         It forms outermost whorl,that encloses petals and forms outer protective layer around flower in bud stage

Corolla or petals: These are brightly coloured and can attract insects for pollination. This surrounds reproductive organs of flower

Androecium: stamen is pollen producing reproductive organ,stamens are collectively called as Androecium.

Gynoecium : it forms innermost whorl,this acts as female reproductive organ,this further consists of stigma,style and ovary.

These 4 structures are called as essential parts or whorls,the flower that posses all the whorls are called as complete flowers,those which do not posses any of these are incomplete i.e it may not posses either of these whorls.