Student Projects/Nebulae and star clusters

Nebulae and star cluster A Nebulae is a cloud of dust and gas inside a galaxy. Nebulae becomes visible if the gas glows, or if the cloud reflects starlight or obscure light when it is stimulated by radiation from hot young stars. Reflection nebulae shine because their dust reflects light from stars in or around the nebula. Dark nebulae appear as silhouettes because they block out light from shining nebulae or stars behind them.A planetary nebula is a gas shell drifting away from a dying stellar core.

  A supernova remnant is a gas shell moving away from a Stellar core at great speed following a violent explosion called supernova. Stars ate often found in groups called clusters. Open clusters are loose group of a few thousand young stars that were born from the same cloud and are drifting apart. Globular clusters are,densely,packed,roughly,spherical groups of hundreds of thousands of older stars.