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Floral Beauty edit

Today we are going to discuss about a very interesting topic.But before getting into the topic let try to guess the name of the topic from the riddle given to us:-

I exist in different shapes,sizes and smells;some love me,while others sneeze while near me; the bee is my friend but takes away my nectar at the end.Who am I?

Yes,we are discussing about the beautiful world of flowers around us.We use flowers for various purposes i.e.,for decoration,perfume,medicine,honey,beverages etc. We all know what a flower is but if we want to define it we can simply say that,” it is an extension of the shoot meant for reproduction”. Next let us discuss about the four main parts of a flower. The four main parts of a flower are as follows:-

1 .Sepal

2. Petal

3. Stamen

4. Pistil

The sepals and petals are the non-reproductive parts of the flower.

The stamen and pistil are the reproductive parts of the flower.

The stamen in turn consists of anther and the filament. It is the male reproductive part of the flower.

Pistil consists of stigma, style and ovary and is the female reproductive part of the flower.