Student Projects/My poetry


Poetry is not just a genre of literature that includes mere words which rhyme when sung aloud in proper tone and rhythm, projecting the beauty of sounds that the particular set of words posses when put in a certain way that makes a meaning as well; poetry is neither all just about the powerful words that provoke one's imagination and provide pleasure by alluring the readers with an enticing embellished language; poetry is nor all just about the rigid structure, form and pattern of arrangement of the words, the classical poets canonized long ago and expected to be held firm by generations all younger. Poetry is all this and much more too. The conventional notion about poetry or the verse as that which is not prose is no more relevant today after the inventions William Shakespeare and other Romantics brought into the world of literature. Shakespeare created a castle of plays built with the bricks of poetry, asserting that poetry need not be in verse form but can reside in any other structure too. The essay of Shelley "A Defense Of Poetry" is no less than a poetry for it contains not mere rules for poetry but his philosophical assumptions about poetry, The language of fascination used in the essay or in the plays of Shakespeare, qualify the texts as poetic substantially.


Poetry is an alchemy. The creation of poetry is as mystic as that of alchemy. The recipe always evades from human expression. Any art contains two aspects in regard to its manifestation. They are genius and skill. The skill can be mastered but not the ingenuity. In poetry, one can acquire the proficiency of language, develop the skill of creative writing, but the ingenuity of the true port is not a thing to be borrowed. It fountains only in the minds of poets. To create poetry, one should develop certain sensibilities. One should be turn keen towards the most ignored elements of the universe. In such profound observance, if ever struck by an inspiration, then should be capable of transferring the induced powerful emotion into thoughts and thus into words. This is not the only way to attain at becoming a poet or creating the masterpieces of verse. A artist feels himself/herself as just an instrument to communicate the message of the some greater unknown. So, if intending to write a poetry, then follow the given steps:

  • Think of your favourite thing or person or an event or any other thing that fills you with intense emotion soon as you think of it.
  • Re-live the emotion by consistently contemplating on it so much so that it heavies your heart. It can be any emotion, painful or pleasing.
  • Listen to the language of your thoughts. Try to express it in words using comparing metaphors and other images.
  • Settle in tranquility and start penning the expression as it comes to your mind without. Use various figures of speech.
  • Edit the text to appear in an unifying way.
  • Title the poem aptly.


A Poet seems to be chosen individual to create a beautiful vision of the world that's mundane otherwise. Its the deeper sensibilities and both skill and ingenuity of the person that qualifies him to a poet. Poets usually tend to live in a world they create of delusions for themselves. They perceive things in a way that seems different and often weird as well. The capability to see grace in things mere common lifts man to a pedestal of poesy.