Student Projects/Karnataka flood 2019

KARNATAKA FLOOD 2019 Floods are caused by overflow of huge amount of water. Floods are caused in areas where there is excessive downpour and poor drainage system.

REASONS FOR FLOOD: Over flowing water from rivers and oceans. Excessive flow of water owing to sudden melting and glaciers. Flood caused due to water logging that is mostly a result of heavy rainfall. Breaking of dam Winds in coastal region Urbanization In Karnataka, heavy rainfall in first week of august 2019 caused massive floods. Due to heavy rain effect the north Karnataka districts of Belagavi, Bijapura, Raichuru, Kalburgi, Yadavgir, and Uttar Karnataka were severely affected by the flood discharge.

IMPACT: Loss of human life damage to property. Power plants, roads, bridges are damaged and disrupted. More than 2000 villages were affected, among which the north, coastal and Malnad districts were the worst affected. Other affected districts include Bagalkot, Vijayapura, Shivamoga, Kodagu, Chikkamangaluru. More than 40000 houses were damaged in Karnataka. It also effected agriculture land and horticulture crops. It also resulted in human health. People missing Animal death.

Human beings are responsible for causing flood: Infrastructure failures cause large quantities of water to flood local areas. Deforestation Impermeable surface Bridge construction Flood embankments Climate change

Measures that help us to prevent flooding: By planting trees in urban areas. Reducing the greenhouse gases. Improving the soil condition. Constructing buildings above flood levels Tackling climate change