Student Projects/Importance of trees

Importance of Trees

Trees are the most wonderful gift of nature. They are the best friends of humans and for all other living organisms. Trees do a lot of service to the mankind expecting only love and care. The thick deep woods are always a symbol of protection. They held their heads high and spread their branches for shade. They are a habitat for thousands of species. They are the breath of the planet. From soil to sky they keep their hold. Man in search of his happiness has become selfish and started forgetting about their existence and started cutting them mercilessly. Man forgot that actually he is cutting down his own existence. Trees are a source of living for thousands of people. But the rich and elite class of our society has replaced the woods with their factories and industries. Man should remember that with trees he is a hero and without trees he is zero. So it’s time to create a new place for the trees to coexist with other fellow organisms.