Student Projects/ICT in Daily Life

ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Daily Life edit

ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology.According to UNESCO"The term ICT is defined as the forms of technology that are used for creation.,processing,storing,display transmission and exchange of information".It has now become an integrated part of our everyday life.We can never imagine a day without the use of information and communication technology(ICT) has been introduced to different fields in order to make our life easier.It has improved the quality of life that human beings are having.All sort of development that we see around in the world is because of the revolution that ICT brought in.It posses a power to transform the whole world as such.Even life has become impossible without the use of it.Most of us didn't even realize that we use this technology and take it for granted.Its good to have a basic understanding of how this technology has been made part of our life and in what all sectors it has it's influence.

Let's check how ICT is being used in some of the areas that we deal in our day to day life


Financial Services


Public Services


Business edit

Today a lot of business transactions are happening through internet and hence called e- commerce. ICT facilitates marketing, customer visit, product browsing, shopping basket checkout, tax and shopping, receipt and process order. A number of e-commerce sites are there working on the internet platform were their services reaches the customer in the shortest time possible.

Financial Services edit

Almost all services that a bank provides are now being available online.Starting right from money transactions all the services the the bank provides is now easily and readily done using ICT. Mobile banking has revolutionized the banking sector and its services.E wallets and digital money is another exciting and extensively used part of financial services involving information technology.

Entertainment edit

The most exciting and extensive use of internet is entertainment. Entertainment is available in variants of games,movies,songs and social networking.Social networking sites like Facebook,Whats App,Instagram are popular like anything in all parts of world and among all age groups.Smart televisions is another new platform were people are given a large choice of entertainment.

Public Services edit

Lot of public services are available offline now.Digital India initiative by Central government and e governance initiative by different state governments are encouraging integration of ICT in offering public services to people. Electoral roll enrollment,scholarships,subsidies,gas booking,train/bus/air tickets,various bills,income tax returns etc. are having different online portals and mobile apps for reaching public and offering the different services.It has also provided platforms for communication of public in form of complaints,suggestion and queries through different social media pages and accounts.

Education edit

Education is one of the major area were the influence of ICT has revolutionized the teaching-learning experience.It has brought the standards high and has contributed the new constructionist approach in education were curiosity can be imparted to students and make them learn on their own.Lot of resources are available online in form of tutorial videos,journals,scholarly articles,forums were student gets maximum information about whatever he/she is looking for.Information exchange happens and collaborative works are promoted.