Student Projects/How to reduce stress

Most of the individual’s face stress. Be it a student or a worker. Busy schedule and our lifestyles are responsible for this and it has a very drastic effect in our lives. It reduces our work productivity and lead to many health issues. So it is of utmost importance to know how to reduce stress .So let us see how to deal with it.

1.   Get adequate sleep

Most of the problems arises due to lack of sleep. And those problems make us feel stressed. Hence adequate amount of sleep is necessary. A normal human being should at least sleep for 6 hours.

2.   Practice Meditation

Mediation plays a significant role in our lives. It relaxes our body and mind . Regular practice of mediation reduces anxiety which in turn reduces stress.

3.   Listen to music

Music has a great role in reducing stress. Listening to music especially melodious music makes us feel good and in turn reduces stress. Study results show that listening to soothing music helps in decreasing the levels of stress hormones.