Student Projects/How our Indian education system can be improved

Some of the drawbacks of the Indian education system are-

  1. Upto 85% of the students in india use to memorize the content given in the book and writing the same in the exams.
  2. Only 18% of the students use understand the concept of the subject and can able to answer in their own words.
  3. There is only few subjects containing practical contents.
  4. Not everyone has sufficient need to access the schools and higher studies.
  5. There are still many single teacher school in the country. Now the changes which are needed are : *Indian government needs to invest large amount of money on the infrastructure of the schools. * Methods of teaching need more changes. Teachers should encourage students to think logically and be creative. * The biographies of successful persons should be a part of the syllabus, so that students can mould their personalities. *Physical education should be given importance. *There is a definite need of revolutionary changes in the Indian education system. *With the effective learning system, India can successfully utilise it's vast human resource.