Student Projects/Food with Medicinal Properties

Primarily, consuming healthy food is a great way to stay fit and it also helps to fight chronic diseases. The idea of incorporating the daily food and medicine has been around since a millennia Hippocrates, the Greek physician, said, “Our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food.”


Ever since then, humans have always sought after to include the foods with medicinal properties in our regular diet. As known to many of us, in India, there are a lot of food ingredients having medicinal properties which are used either knowingly or unknowingly by us daily[1]. For centuries together, we are known for our nutrient-rich and seasonal food consuming legacy. So, the most important fact is that, even today, Indians are eating "superfoods" that help them to stay fit and more importantly, it boosts their brain activity. There are a lot of food ingredients that are proven to have medicinal properties.

Some fascinating examples are:


* Antifungal

* Antibacterial

* Antiseptic

* Anti-inflammatory

* Anti-cancer

* Treats wounds faster

* Immunity booster


* Fights depression

* Clears sore throat

* Treats ulcers

* Promotes digestion

* Helps in weight loss

* Cures respiratory ailments


* Aids in digestion

* Clears sinus

* Repairs damaged hair

* Removes acne

* Promotes good sleep

* Boosts athletic performance


* Promotes hair growth

* Controls diabetes

* Cures constipation

* Fights flu and cold

* Balances cholesterol level

* Reduces menstrual discomforts


* Prevents anaemia

* Regulates digestion

* Treats heat boils

* Cures insomnia

* Boosts immunity

* Fights asthma and bronchitis

For further information, watch this video-click here.

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