Student Projects/Flower and its parts

Flower edit

           Flower is one of the beautiful and attractive thing in the world. It is one of the thing used to express love, care and greetings to others.

           Flower is a modified shoot. It is called as the reproductive part of the angiosperms (flowering plants). Because it contains the male and female reproductive organs which are very necessary for the sexual reproduction. The study of flower is known as anthology.

Parts of a flower:                                                         edit

                A typical flower has 4 main parts/whorls:

·      Calyx                                                                                            

·      Corolla

·      Androecium

·      Gynoecium

Calyx and Corolla are known as accessory whorls because they help in protecting the flower in its bud stage and attract the insects for pollination.

Androecium and gynoecium are known as reproductive whorls as they are necessary for the sexual reproduction.

1.   Calyx: It is the outermost whorl of a flower consisting of sepals. Usually sepals are green in colour. They help in protecting the flower in its bud stage.

2.   Corolla: It is the second whorl consisting of petals. Usually petals are colourful. It attracts the insects for pollination.

3.   Androecium: It is the third whorl of a flower composed of stamens. A stamen consist of a stalk like filament and an anther. The anther produces pollen. The sterile stamen is known as staminode.

4.   Gynoecium: It is the innermost whorl of a flower composed of one or many carpels/pistil. Each pistil consist of a basal ovary, elongated style and an upper structure called stigma. The sterile pistil is known as pistillode.