Student Projects/Emotions


India is a country which has various rich factors to be fasinated. in terms of culture, tradition, religion, languages etc, it has versatility in its own swag. though it has more specialties, it is still backward in certain criteria like stereotypes, hierarchical structures etc. the society is stratified in a way of gender inequality and gender discrimination.

The poem power of emotions deals with innate feelings that every women posses within themselves without revealing their feelings outwards. it is still a dream for woman to think big as the society never give them chance to exhibit their talents out. it is still stigma that is prevailing in the society to not to talk about certain topics like periods, love, innate snags etc.

Every Indian parent feels responsible as soon as their daughter attains the age of puberty. the gender inequality increases by this time. the allotment of works is varied for males and females in the society as well as inside the home. it is all the father or the brother takes important decisions in the family whereas women just acts as puppets.

Though there are so much of hierarchy, the skeptical thoughts in a woman never fades away until she gets the proper reason for the discrimination that are prevailing in the society. it is the change that never changes. we humans just follow the sheep's ideology as they move in groups which doesn't go beyond the border. the sense of individuality is lost as they blindly believe in the social construction.

It is the responsibility of every single man to give her space and encourage her to pursue desires. let her spread her magic everywhere and make the environment in an Utopian society with love, peace and equality everywhere.