Student Projects/Chemistry in cooking

We all cooked many times in kitchen.But we never think of science behind it.All materials which we are using for cooking food are made up of chemicals.It may be a rice,bread,vegetables,salt,sugar,etc.the kitchen is completely like lab.It also involves the heating,cooling,freesing,blending,etc.The food is prepared through reaction between the things used.

   The materials which we use may be rice which is rich in carbohydrates,grains which is rich in protein,etc.All the material which we use are may be rich in carbohydrates, proteins, fats,lipids,etc
  Some process like cuddling of milk,this process is actually a chemical reaction which involves enzyme called lactobacillus. Similarly the fermentation of dosa batter also a chemical reaction. This chemical reactions are also effected by certain parameters as we see in chemistry lab. 
   The brown color on the food material when it is roasted is due to reaction sugar with protein which are present in them.This produces the color of brown on the the food material.
  This where only few situation where chemistry can been were illustrated. But we see a lot of example for chemistry in our cooking process.