Student Projects/Adhiyaman kottai


Adhiyaman Kottai is a historic fort situated in Dharmapuri District. It is situated between Salem – Dharmapuri road and Dharmapuri town and is 5.2 kms from the heart of Dharmapuri. The famed Chieftain Adhiyaman (Neduman Anji) built a fort and resided within the fort complex. It is one of the oldest forts within the State. A lake and a temple are located near this fort. The locals consider this lake and temple to be very holy.


Adhiyaman’ is the name of a Tamil Velir Dynasty King and ‘Kottai’ in Tamil represents fort. As an oval shaped fort was constructed by Adhiyaman, this place is known as Adhiyaman Kottai.


The ruins of the roughly oval shaped fort are still there. The Chendraya Perumal temple is the biggest of the lot which is held as a protected monument which is believed to have been constructed both by the King Krishna Deva Raya and Hoysala Kings. There are paintings in the ceiling depicting scenes from the Mahabaratham, Viswaroopa Dharshan of Lord Krishna and some scenes from Ramayana and is still pleasing to the eye. All the paintings belong to the 13th century.


During Sangam Era, Velir dynasty had ruled this region. The Tamil Velir dynasty had Tagadur (present name of Tagadur is Dharmapuri) as their most important capital city. Ancient Tamil literature and several Tamil Vatteluthu inscriptions also mention about their rule and governance in the region. Prominent among them was Adhiyaman Neduman Anji. He is considered as Kadai yezhu Vallal (last seven generous chieftains) and the others are Paari, Malaiyamaan, Valviloori, Peeghan, Nalli and Aykandhiran.

Avvaiyar a legendary talented great Tamil poetess visited Neduman Anji’s court. In praise of Neduman Anji the great poetess had sung several elegies of this great patron. Neduman Anji gave Nellikkani (Gooseberry or Amla fruit) to Avvaiyar. Gooseberry or Amla fruit's specialty is that it gives longer life to those who eat it. The king gave that fruit to Tamil poetess Avvaiyar so that she will have a longer life and spread Tamil language across the world.