Student Projects/10 min Easy, Tasty and Healthy cooking

Cooking generally is considered as a tedious and an energy-draining process. When guests or friends suddenly drop in at your home, unannounced, and you still want to make them feel at home (100 Brownie points for that!), what would you do?

You would definitely not Swiggy or zomato, would you? ( -100 points for ordering from outside)

Here is an easy, tasty and healthy snack recipe made with the goodness of Brown bread, Palak, sweet corn, carrot, capsicum and cabbage. ( Healthy, isn't it?)

Here is the Recipe of Indo-Italian Sandwich :


1. Sweet corn

2. Grated carrot

3. (Finely chopped) Palak

4. (Finely diced) capsicum

5. (Finely shredded) cabbage

6. Garlic pods

7. Green chilli

7. Pepper powder

8. Salt

9. Milk

10.2 spoons of maida or all purpose flour

Recipe :

1. Take a griddle (kadhai) and add two teaspoons of oil and wait till it gets heated. Add finely chopped chillies and garlic to this. Sorte till the aroma tickles your tastebuds.

2. To this, add sweet corn, grated carrot, chopped palak, finely diced capsicum, finely shredded cabbage and allow it to get cooked in the garlic-chilli flavoured oil.

3. After a minute or so, add salt, pepper powder, sugar and tomato ketchup(optional) and 2 cups of milk to this. Add a spoon of maida or all purpose flour to get a thick consistency. Allow all the flavours to blend and switch off the stove

4. Take a frying pan and toast both the sides of the bread with butter before applying the mixture and add another slice on top of it. Roast on both the sides until it turns golden brown.

5. Serve it with Chilli sauce or Tomato ketchup

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