Static electricity/Creating high voltages

Static Lifter
Cockcroft Walton generator

Problem edit

A static lifter can not be built without a 30,000 volt power supply. In addition, existing high voltage creation devices need to be maintained and certifications (online tests) built in order to use them.

There are some of the mechanisms for generating high voltages:

Conceive edit

The static lifter demo requires the highest voltage. The goal is to generate 30KV to do a static lifter demo. All methods for generating the high voltage should be attempted.

Design edit

Implement edit

Operate edit

Have an old high voltage probe that needs to be fixed and it's operation documented. Video of violet ray machine.

Looks similar to the Violet Ray Machine from the 1920's. Need to visit the Montgomery County Historical Society to see if they know anything about it. Versions of it have shown up at some new age healing expositions or fairs.

Attempt to fix old high voltage probe

It is called a "Tesla Coil", but not sure that is what this is. For now call it an "old high voltage probe."

The tip is held in by a metal pin-holder which is secured to the threaded electrode inside the plastic housing with a 10-32 nut.
The Wax is old and may require replacement
Operation of old high voltage probe
It is not recommended to touch the tip of the device while it is active.
Be sure to always be aware of the tip of the coil.
Plug the coil into house ac 115-120 voltage for operation.
Note the knob on the back of the coil near the power cord
If the knob on the rear is extended, (meaning the the most threads are visable) the coil is off.
Twist the knob clockwise to increase the output of the tip, the know will recess into the coil.
The coil will emit a buzzing noise when a charge is being built up.
twist the knob counter-clockwise to decrease charge/reduce sparks, the knob should extened out of the coil.
In/clockwise is "on" and Out/counter-clockwise is "off"

Demo edit


Next Steps edit

  • Develop and reference safety precautions
  • Make Van De Graph generator
  • Get Wimhurst machines working
  • Fix high voltage probe
  • Build 30KV supply