Spanish History

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Welcome / Bienvenido (under construction)Edit

Welcome to the Spanish History topic page, where slowly but surely a whole suite of courses will be developed which will take you through the history of this Southern European country. The first course to debut will be "Spanish History - a rough guide", which will be followed by more developed courses on "20th Century Spain" and "The Spanish Second Republic".

Spanish History - A Rough GuideEdit

"Spain is different". In just three words one can start to unpack the multifaceted history of a country that encompasses huge deserts, snowcapped mountains, bustling towns and a persevering linguistic diversity. You may know a lot about Spain, you may know nothing, but below you will find a short introduction to Spain and its history, in Spanish: España, from the pre-romanic period to the present day.


Roman occupation: The Iberian peninsulaEdit

The Germanic occupationEdit

The Moors' "Al Andalus"Edit

The "Reconquista"Edit

The Spanish empireEdit

Decline & decay of the empireEdit

The French invasion & the IndependenceEdit

Monarchs & RepublicsEdit

Civil War & Franco's DictatorshipEdit

Modern "democracy"Edit

The Global CrisisEdit