Space and Global Health/Institution and Organisations

Organisations link Space and Health Domain edit

Organisation in alphabetical order. Please add other space agencies with information about health related topic

Support of the Community of Practice edit

The Community of Practice is a collaboration of people work on Space and Global Health form different angles.

  • Institutions do not have an in general an official mandate to work on capacity building within Wikiversity as Open Educational Resources.
  • Institution can support development of capacity building resources and the translation for other member states by providing the content elementes like guidelines, images, videos, diagrams, ... with an Creative Commons License (e.g. CC-BY) which allows the adaptation to the requirements and constraints of member states, regions or communities.
  • No all content can be opened up to the public as Open Educational Resources, but institutions can facilitate the use of specific content elements by assignment of licencing to specific content elements and media in a granular way (e.g. for an satellite image of Harmful Algae Bloom HAB, that shows how to detect HAB and trigger public health warnings for fishery or cost lines that are affected due to a negative impact on respiratory diseases (see Precision Global Health).

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