Space and Global Health/Health Care Facilities Locator

The web portal provides a Collaborative Mapping approach for aggregation of health care facilities. It has an integrated validation mechanism that feedback validate Health Care Facilities back into Open Street Map as Data Sink. According to the Open Community Approach the provides an Open Source infrastructure on Github

Learning Task edit

  • (Collaborative Mapping) Explore how community involvement works on Health Sites Web Portal!
  • (Data Model for Learners with IT background) Explore the data model and explore how users can benefit with mobile devices to access the nearest health care facility!
  • (AssessMod) AssessMod allows to calculate a map that shows to access time to health care facilities! Explore AssessMod and e.g. calculate access time for the health care facilities in the region where you live.
  • ( Geonames service allow mapping of names to geolocations. What is the purpose of such a service and how is it used in the context of mobile devices (see Augmented Reality)?
  • (Heart Attack) Describe a workflow for someone that sees a citizen with heavy pain in his breast that collapses. You assume it is a heart attack! The following steps might be helpful:
    • create an emergency call,
    • involve others to support you,
    • show the position of next defribrilator close to you (e.g. in a nearby Supermarket)
    • provide first aid support