Space and Global Health/Equity in Health Care

In this resource for capacity building on Equity in Health Care in the context of Public Health is addressed. Health Equity is a broad and complex subject. It can be said that health equity strives to ensure that every human being is provided with the opportunity to attain their best health. However, the attainment of optimal health state is a complex process with a dynamic relationship between the physical, social, and contextual environment. Equity research is an area which has been addressed in the past through the Sustainable Development Goals has gathered some momentum owing to the public concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of this momentum can be attributed to the efforts by the global community to reveal hidden inequities in access, quality and affordability of healthcare through data analysis and scientific enquiry.

TechQuity - Use of Technology to attain health equity

Learning Objectives edit

  • Understand the concept of health equity
  • Study the different types of inequities in healthcare
  • Explore the role of social determinants of health in the context of health inequity
  • Identify the contributing factors to health inequity
  • Consider the mechanisms of inequities in healthcare
  • Explore the need for innovation in health equity research
  • Identify collaborative activities of communities and civil society to reduce inequity in healthcare
  • Explain the concept collaborative mapping and discuss possible applications in field of inequity in healthcare. What are the requirements and constraints in the context of ethics and privacy of collected data?

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