Space Technology

This learning resource is about Space Technology. First you start with the basic areas:

Space for Global HealthEdit

  • Space Medicine on Human Space Flights triggering innovation on medical treatment and analysis
  • 3D Printing of human tissue
  • 3D printing for pharmaceuticals

Learning TaskEdit

  • (Sustainable Development Goals) How can Earth Observation be used to measure implementation and accomplishments of objectives for specific sustainable development goals.
  • (Space Debris) Objects like satellites have a specific lifetime like any other technical product used on earth. Explain consequences of leaving all the waste in earth orbit for future misions e.g. telecom satellites or earth observation satellites?
  • (Telecommunication) Explore how satellite communication currently necessary used for telecommunication (internet and phone). Compare PROs and CONs of satellite technology that exists and is also used to telecommunication and internet.
  • (Global Satellite Navigation) GPS-sensor is available on nearly every smartphone. Knowing who customers are, where they are and what they need allows tailored advertisments and tailored information for the geolocation the users are. Explain the role of routing
  • (Human Space Flight) Explore the history of Human Space Flight. What is the motivation of mankind to do human space flight? How can human space flights bring new technology back to earth - what technology was introduced in our daily live what was originally developed for Space Technology? Analyse PROs and CONs for human space flight after analysis of existing analysis of exisiting economic, political and humanitarian benifits, challenges and constraints!

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