Software testing/Overview

Please keep in mind, that so far this is a translation of the German course. So, until now the talk pages are not translated.

In this course you will learn the topic testing from practical point of view and theory. Everything can be tested - not only software.
target audience
Everybody - quality concerns anybody/-thing.
study group

Who wants to learn together? The meeting place is already prepared.

Why might this course be valuable for you?


This course shall introduce interested people into the topic testing. One goal is, that at the end of this course the participant might apply testing to anything (and not only to software). Testing saves in the end a lot of time and money. Let's see if we can show you, that testing is a very creative task and that the search of problems can make fun. Also in comparison to a book: the course is practical. You will do most of the things together with the tutors. So, you will not be all alone behind your monitor and probably think: "Yes, I understood the topic" - but actually you did not understand it 100%. We will do together online-sessions, where you can ask questions directly and also get feedback immediately. Also we will collaborate with others to apply what we have learned. Because most of the things, which a tester needs, can't be learned from books - you have to apply it also on your own. And together in the team we can share/use the experience of each other.

So, what now?


At first the basic topics (theory) will be presented and existing literature will be referenced. The main intention always is to give practical examples and exercises, so that the benefit and the coherences of test activities will be clear. Everything you need you will find in the introduction of the course.

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