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On this page you can share possible improvements and bugs for Part-up. See also the product backlog.

Improvements edit

Name Prio Status Remark
Activity 1 Open It would be nice if you could sort the part-ups on activity. Some part-ups have no activity. Is there a policy regarding inactive part-ups? Is the policy that the maker of the part-up is asked to delete the part-up? See for example:
Edit messages 1 Open It would be nice if you could edit an update to remove a spelling error.
Privat messages 1 Open The possiblity to send a privat message to a part-up user. On 17.10.15 user Timboliu asked what the possibilities are to react on a privat message.
React on blogpost 1 Open Make it possible to react on blogposts.
Who is online 2 Open It would be nice if you could see all the people that are online. In the current situation you see a green dot when somebody is online.
Performance 2 Open In Octobre 2015 user Timboliu reported performance problems. Part-Up reacts that they are working hard on this.
Language filter 2 Open In Q4 2015 a first version of the language filter was implemented. The filter determines the language of the part-up by using Google Translate Api. On 02.11.15 Timboliu suggested to set the language in the settings menu. Ralph Boeije says it's already on the list.
Magic number 99 Closed-Rejected In 2015 the suggestion was made to show the magic number of people in the profile photo. Somebody from the development team explained this would be bad for performance. When you Hoover over a profile the magic number is shown.
Open source 2 Open The plan is to make part-up open source. This will probably take place in 2015. For more info see
Overview part-ups 3 Open When you are part of a tribe you see only the part-ups in which you are a upper or supporter. It would be nice of you could click a link to see all the part-ups. In the current situation you have to click on the tribe link at the buttom of the part-up.
Tasklist 2 New Show a personal task list.
Tribes 1 Open See Part-up wiki > Tribes.
User info 3 Open Show number of registered and active users. In the current situation the number of users are shared in the newsletter. Maybe this is sufficient. Why do you want to know all the time how many active users are on the platform.
URL 1 Open The possibility to change the url of a part-up. On 02.11.15 Timboliu asked for this request in part-up Product Ownership (

Bugs edit

Name Prio Status Remark
Mails 1 Resolved to stimulate activity you receive mails. One of the mails is to start a part-up. If you already started a part-up you should not receive this mail. On 05.10.15 Timboliu reported this issue. Also reported the mails are in English although the Dutch language is set in de application settings. Part-Up sends mail te same day that the issue is already being resolved.