Software applications/Overview/Part-up/Ontology

Process the following edit

  • matching algorithm: adding you personal strengths and Linkedin data to your profile and use this data in matching uppers to part-ups.

Concepts edit

  • Profile
  • Matching part-up
  • Part-up
  • Part-up community manager
  • Part-up user: we use the term 'Upper'
  • PersonalStrength
  • Skill: Are 'Skill' and 'PersonalStrength' synonyms? Which term are we going to use?
  • Strength (Dutch: kracht)
  • StrenghtProfile
  • Upper

Semantic model edit

TD: add a first version of a semantic model

  • An UPPER has a STRENGTH.
    • John is a leader.
    • Sara is a developer.
    • What strenghts exists in Part-up?
  • A Part-up desires Strengths. You can see an overview of the desired strengths in a STRENGHTPROFILE.

User stories edit

  • As an upper I want to find part-ups where I can develop my desired skills.
  • As an upper I want to start a small strengthsfinder test on my profile to show my personal strengts.
  • As an upper I want to be introduced to matching part-ups based upon my skills and strengths, such that I am sure that the part-ups I check out need my contributions.
    • How do you want to present possible part-ups? In a mail? Or maybe better on a page, where you can also see why you there is a possible match.
  • As an upper I want to add my LinkedIn data to my profile to show what I have already been working on.
    • What does 'to show what I have already been working on' mean? Can you give an example?
    • What does adding LinkedIn data to my profile mean? What data is transferred?
  • As a part-up community manager I want to be able to find matching part-ups for an upper to be able to suggest these to the upper.