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On this page we want to explore how we can engage the Part-up community to participate in part-ups.

To-do edit

  • Gardner Campbell:
    • On way to engage people is by showing them what they can learn.
    • An interesting video about this subject is the Youtube of Garnder Campbell (66 minutes).
    • In this Youtube Gardner talks about four levels of engagement.
      • 1. Compliancy: The student does what's in the curriculum, do as your told. This is not very engaging.
      • 2. Interest: In this level the student's curiosity is sparked. Uncertainty, complexity, chaos (it may take more time), ...
      • 3. Connection:
      • 4. Love: In the video (40:00) somebody from Harvard explains that learning should be like how you love sports

At 51:26 Gardner Campbell draws another diagram where he replaces compliancy with discipline.

Part-up is probably fun because it's complex, it's about connection, etc.