Social psychology (psychology)/Tutorials/Prejudice, aggression, and prosocial behaviour

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  • To learn about Jane Elliott's (controversial) approach to anti-discrimination and -prejudice training.
  • To identify, explore, and map/organise examples of socio-psychological theory about prejudice, aggression, and prosocial behaviour which are evident in the two films (Ghosts of Rwanda and The Australian Eye) which should be presented by students as part of their e-portfolios.


  • Students should already have watched Ghosts of Rwanda.
  • Provide some historical background about Jane Elliott and her blue-eyed/brown-eyed experiments and training.
  • Briefly go over the keyword sheets, to help make these concepts salient, highlight those to watch out for in the The Australian Eye.
  • Ask students to watch the The Australian Eye (DVD) and to note events and examples (affect, behaviour, and cognition) which illustrate socio-psychological principles.


  • Debrief "The Australian Eye", e.g., consider:
    • Were there any ethical issues in Jane Elliott approach?
    • Do you think her techniques should be replicated more widely?
    • How would you define/describe Jane Elliott's anti-racism/prejudice technique in psychological terms?
  • Match keywords with examples from Ghosts of Rwanda and The Australian Eye. wo possible ways of approaching this:
    • Brainstorm examples from the films (then match with keywords)
    • Work through keywords, finding examples from the films
  • Students are strongly encouraged to write-up their responses to this exercise in their e-portfolios.

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