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Cultural identity edit

Purpose: This exercise is designed to help individuals identify cultural influences on their personal identity.

  • What is cultural identity?
  • Ask individuals to draw a concept map of their cultural identity e.g.,
    • indicate group memberships,
    • use size/colour to highlight the overlay between one's cultural groupings/shadings.
  • Cultural groupings may fall along ethnic/racial lines, but also encourage students to consider other cultures/sub-cultures which they may identify with, e.g.,
      • youth culture vs. older people's culture
      • online vs. offline culture
      • rural vs. city
      • skateboarding culture
      • church culture, etc.
  • Allow 5 to 10 minutes for individual concept mapping
  • In small groups (3 to 4), allow 10 to 15 minutes for participants to share, explain, and possibly modify their maps by sharing them with one another.
  • Optional: Ask students to consider what "saliency" is and how it influences cultural identity.
    • This should hopefully lead to discussion about fluidity/dynamic nature of cultural identity, i.e., that it changes with situational and cognitive circumstance.
  • Note: Relates to Blog 1 Social Self