Social Victorians/1899-06-03 Lord Chamberlain State Dinner

State Dinner hosted by the Lord Chamberlain, Lord HopetounEdit


  • 1899 June 3, Saturday evening
  • The John Hope, Earl Hopetoun's residence: 66 Grosvenor Street

Who Was InvitedEdit

  1. Earl of Ancaster
  2. Prince Adolphus of Teck
  3. the Marquess of Lorne
  4. the Earl of Kintore
  5. the Earl of Gosford
  6. Earl Carrington
  7. Colonel Lord E. Pelham Clinton
  8. Lord Colville of Culross
  9. Lord Bagot
  10. Lord Belper
  11. Mr. Allwyn Fellowes, M.P.
  12. Sir S. Ponsonby-Fane
  13. Mr. A. FitzClarence
  14. Colonel Sir Fleetwood Edwards
  15. Mr. A. N. Hood
  16. Major C. Harbord
  17. Sir W. Stirling
  18. Sir R. Douglas Powell
  19. Sir James Reid, Admiral of the Fleet
  20. Sir E. Commerell
  21. General Sir Michael Biddulph
  22. General Sir Hugh Gough
  23. Lieut. Colonel Sir A. Bigge
  24. Sir Francis Knollys
  25. Major General Sir T. Dennehy
  26. Colonel A. FitzGeorge
  27. Lieut. Colonel A. Collins
  28. the Dean of Windsor
  29. Mr. E. H. Anson
  30. Mr. Alfred Austin
  31. Mr. R. J. Godlee
  32. Mr. G. A. Redford
  33. Mr. Raglan Somerset
  34. Mr. Brook Taylor
  35. Captain Wyndham Tufnell
  36. Mr. Dan Tapper


A Ministerial Banquet for the Queen's BirthdayEdit

<quote>The Earl of Hopetoun (Lord Chamberlain) gave a State dinner at his residence, 66, Grosvenor-street, on Saturday evening</quote> (Queen'sBirthday:MinisterialBanquets).

Questions and NotesEdit

  1. No women at this dinner, or no women reported on?