Social Victorians/1897-06-28 Irving Reception for Colonial Premiers

Henry Irving's Performance and Reception for the Colonial PremiersEdit


  • 1897 June 28, Monday evening, year of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee
  • Hosted by Henry Irving
  • Reception at the Lyceum after the performance of Madame Sans-Gêne
  • For the Colonial Premiers

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Who Was PresentEdit

  1. the Right Hon. G. H. Reid and lady
  2. Sir G. Turner, Lady Turner and Miss Turner
  3. the Right Hon. R. P. Seddon, Mrs Seddon, and the Misses Seddon
  4. Sir Hugh M. Nelson, Lady Nelson, and the Misses Nelson, Mr Nelson
  5. the Right Hon. C. C. Kingston and Mrs Kingston
  6. Sir W. Whiteway and Lady Whiteway
  7. Sir W. C. Braddon and Lady Braddon
  8. Mrs Maxwell
  9. Sir John Forrest and Lady Forrest
  10. Mr C. Freeman Murrey
  11. Mr Faithfull Begg, M.P.
  12. the Right Hon. Harry Escombe and Mrs and Miss Escombe
  13. Captain Bate, Mrs and Miss Bate, and Miss Edwards
  14. the Hon. F. S. Grimwade
  15. Major H. H. Lyman
  16. Dr. and Mrs Culver James
  17. Mr Herbert Samuel
  18. Mrs Hodgkins and Miss Hodgkins
  19. Mr and Mrs Herbert Daw
  20. Mr and Mrs George T. Hobson
  21. Lieut.-Colonel and Mrs Denison
  22. Mr and Mrs Robert Russell
  23. Mr Clayton T. Mason
  24. Dr. and Mr J. T. Small
  25. Mr Wm. T. Winter Irving
  26. Sir Westby Percival, Lady Percival
  27. Mr Herman Marcus
  28. Mr and Mrs Alcock
  29. Sir H. De Villiers, Chief Justice of South Africa
  30. Alfred Gilbert, R.A.
  31. Onslow Ford, R.A.
  32. G. Boughton, R.A.
  33. Alma Tadema, R.A,
  34. Linley Sambourne
  35. Bernard Partridge, Thaddeus
  36. A. E. Sterner
  37. Lord and Lady Castletown
  38. Sir John Tenniel
  39. Anstey Guthrie
  40. Anthony Hope Hawkins
  41. Frankfort Moore
  42. Mrs Maxwell
  43. Miss Braddon
  44. B. L. Farjeon
  45. Richard Harding Davis
  46. Henry Norman
  47. Joseph Hatton
  48. Sir Martin and Lady Conway
  49. Louis Becke
  50. H. D. Traill
  51. Hichens
  52. Sir Wemyss Reid
  53. W. L. Courtney
  54. Mr and Mrs John Le Sage
  55. the Thakur Sahib and Maharanee of Gondal
  56. the Raja Agit Singh
  57. the Rajkumar Umaid Singh
  58. Colonel Trevor
  59. Mr and Mrs E. T. Cook
  60. Mr and Mrs H. W. Massingham
  61. Mr and Mrs Moberly Bell
  62. Mr and Mrs Alfred Harmsworth
  63. Frank A. Munsey
  64. Sir Alexander Mackenzie
  65. Sir Gerald and Lady Fitzgerald
  66. Field Marshal Sir Frederick Haines
  67. Colonel Arthur Collins
  68. Justice Sir James Mathew
  69. Sir Frank and Lady Lockwood
  70. Sir Henry Dickens
  71. Hon. Stephen Coleridge
  72. Judge M'Connell
  73. J. C. Parkinson
  74. Major Ricarde Seaver
  75. Mr Henry Labouchere, M.P.
  76. Mr A. Billson, M.P.
  77. Dr. Robson Roose
  78. Professor Strong
  79. Mr and Mrs Morton M'Michael
  80. Major Chevenix Trench
  81. Sir Squire and Lady Bancroft
  82. Sir George and Lady Lewis
  83. Sir Campbell and Lady Clarke
  84. Madame Sarah Bernhardt
  85. Mr and Mrs A. W. Pinero
  86. Mr Henry Arthur Jones
  87. Mr and Mrs Haddon Chambers
  88. Mr J. Comyns Carr
  89. Dr. A. Conan Doyle
  90. Mr J. M. Barrie
  91. Mr Joseph Hatton
  92. Mr Jerome K. Jerome
  93. Mr F. C. Burnand
  94. Mr J. L. Toole
  95. Mr Charles Wyndham
  96. Mr and Mrs Tree
  97. Mr John Hare
  98. Mr and Mrs George Alexander
  99. Miss Mary Moore
  100. Mr Bram Stoker
  101. Mr W. Gillette
  102. Mr Nat Goodwin
  103. Mr Gilbert Farquhar
  104. Mr and Mrs H. B. Irving
  105. Mr Lawrence Irving
  106. Mr Edward Ledger
  107. Mr Albert Darmont


From The EraEdit

<quote>Sir Henry Irving's invitation to the Colonial Premiers to come and see Madame Sans-Gêne, at the Lyceum, on Monday, was responded to by a brilliant gathering, which included, besides many other distinguished guests .... Madame Sans-Gêne never went with more animation or evoked heartier appreciation. Miss Ellen Terry revelled in the part of the laundress-duchess, and Sir Henry Irving's Napoleon was even more finished and effective than on its first performance. While the audience was departing the stage was cleared of the First Empire furniture, and Sir Henry Irving, substituting evening dress for the green coat and white breeches of Bonaparte, soon greeted the guests with his wonted tact and affability.</quote> (TCatL)

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