Social Victorians/1897-05-26 Pembroke State Dinner

Earl of Pembroke's State DinnerEdit


  • 1897 May 26
  • Hosted by Sidney Herbert, 14th Earl of Pembroke, at his residence, 8 Chesterfield Gardens

People Invited (Not All Attended)Edit

  1. General his Serene Highness Prince Edward of Saxe-Weimar, G.C.B., K.P.
  2. The Earl of Ancaster
  3. The Earl of Kintore, G.C.M.G.
  4. Earl Waldegrave
  5. General Viscount Bridport, G.C.B.
  6. Viscount Curzon, M.P., Treasurer of the Household
  7. The Right Hon. Lord Arthur Hill, M.P.
  8. Comptroller of the Household: Colonel Lord Edward Pelham Clinton, K.C.B., Master of the Household
  9. Lord Colville of Culross, K.T., G.C.V.O.
  10. Lieutenant-Colonel the Right Hon. Sir Fleetwood Edwards, K.C.B.
  11. The Hon. Arthur Hay, Admiral of the Fleet
  12. Sir Edmund Commerell, G.C.B., V.C.
  13. General Sir Michael Biddulph, G.C.B.
  14. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Arthur Bigge, K.C.B.
  15. Sir James Reid, K.C.B.
  16. Sir Francis Knollys, K.C.M.G., C.B.
  17. Sir J. C. Robinson
  18. Colonel Alfred Egerton, C.B.
  19. Mr. T. C. March, C.B.
  20. Colonel Arthur Collins, M.V.O.
  21. Colonel Cuthbert Larking
  22. Mr. Horace West
  23. Mr. R. J. Godlee
  24. Mr. G. T. Hertslet
  25. Mr. W. Gibson
  26. Mr. George Courroux
  27. Mr. Thomas Kingscote
  28. Mr. W. H. Massey


From the Morning PostEdit

<quote>The Earl of Pembroke, C.C.V.O., Lord Steward, gave a State Dinner last evening at his residence, 8, Chesterfield-gardens, to which were invited .... A few of the above were unavoidably prevented attending the dinner.</quote> (MB:TLS)

Questions and NotesEdit

  1. Who are the Comptroller of the Household, the Right Hon. Lord Arthur Hill, M.P., or Colonel Lord Edward Pelham Clinton, K.C.B.?
  2. No women at this dinner? Or no women reported on but were present?