Social Victorians/1896-05-06 Dinner Party


Who Was PresentEdit

  1. His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught
  2. the German Ambassador, Count Hatzfeldt
  3. the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador, Count Deym
  4. the United States Ambassador, the Hon. T. F. Bayard
  5. the French Ambassador, Baron de Courcel
  6. the Italian Ambassador, Lieutenant-General A. Ferrero
  7. the Spanish Ambassador, Count de Casa Valencia
  8. the Turkish Ambassador, Costaki Anthopoulo Pasha
  9. the Count de Ficalho, Grand Maître de la Cour to the King of Portugal
  10. the Archbishop of Canterbury
  11. the Lord Chancellor, Lord Halsbury
  12. the Lord President of the Council, the Duke of Devonshire
  13. the Marquis of Lansdowne
  14. the Marquis of Salisbury
  15. the Earl of Lathom
  16. the Earl of Rosebery
  17. the Earl of Kimberley
  18. Lord George Hamilton
  19. Field-Marshal Viscount Wolseley
  20. Lord Herschell
  21. the Right Hon G. J. Goschen
  22. the Chancellor of the Exchequer
  23. the Right Hon. J. Chamberlain
  24. the Right Hon. Sir William Vernon Harcourt
  25. the Right Hon. A. J. Balfour
  26. the Right Hon. Sir Henry Fowler
  27. the Right Hon. John Morley
  28. General the Right Hon. Sir Redvers Buller
  29. the Right Hon. Sir Matthew White Ridley
  30. the Right Hon. H. Asquith
  31. the President of the Royal Society, Sir Joseph Lister
  32. General Sir Evelyn Wood
  33. Admiral Sir Frederick Richards
  34. the President of the Society of Antiquaries, Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks
  35. the Director of the Natural History Museum, Sir William Flower
  36. Rear-Admiral Sir John Fisher
  37. Rear-Admiral Sir Frederick Bedford
  38. the Principal Librarian and Secretary of the British Museum, Sir Edward Maunde Thompson
  39. the President of the Royal Geographical Society, Mr. Clements R. Markham
  40. the President of the Royal College of Surgeons, Mr. Christopher Heath
  41. the President of the Royal College of Physicians, Dr. Samuel Wilks

People Invited But Not PresentEdit

<quote>The following were unavoidably prevented from obeying His Royal Highness's command:—</quote> ("Table Talk")

  1. The Russian Ambassador, M. de Staal
  2. the Speaker, the Right Hon. W. C. Gully
  3. the President of the Royal Academy, Sir John E. Millais

Present as an AttendantEdit

In attendance on His Royal Highness the Duke of Connaught:

  1. Colonel Alfred Egerton

In attendance on His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales:

  1. General Sir Dighton Probyn
  2. Major-General A. Ellis


<quote>During dinner the band of the Grenadier Guards, under the direction of Lieutenant Dan Godfrey, played the following selection of music ...</quote> ("Table Talk").

Questions and NotesEdit


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