Social Victorians/1896-04-21 Arthur Cecil Blunt Funeral

Arthur Cecil Blunt's FuneralEdit


  • 21 April 1896
  • Funeral held at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate
  • Burial at Mortlake

Who Was PresentEdit


  1. Mr. F. W. Blunt (brother)
  2. Sir Frederick Wigan
  3. Lady Wigan (sister)
  4. Colonel Blunt
  5. Mr. Hubert Wilson
  6. Mr. Walter Chapman
  7. Mr. James Wigan
  8. Dr. Atkin Swan
  9. Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Collins
  10. Mr. Winchester Clowes
  11. Mr. Egerton Grey

Wreaths and Flowers from the FollowingEdit

  1. Princess Mary Adelaide and the Duke of Teck
  2. Sir Arthur Sullivan
  3. Misa Olga Nethersole
  4. Mrs. John Wood
  5. Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft
  6. Mr. and Mrs. John Hare
  7. Sir W. L. and Lady Young
  8. The staff of the Court Theatre
  9. Mr. Arthur Chudleigh
  10. Mr. and Mrs. Pinero
  11. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Law
  12. Mr. D'Oyly Carte
  13. Mr. J. L. Toole
  14. Mr. Gilbert Percival Farquhar
  15. Mr. and Mrs. George Grossmith
  16. Dr. and Mrs. Percival White
  17. Mr. Ernest Metzler


From the Morning PostEdit

<quote>Yesterday the body of Mr. Arthur Cecil Blunt, better known by his stage name of Arthur Cecil, was laid to rest at Mortlake. The Duke of Teck drove from White Lodge, and placed a wreath on the coffin from Princess Mary Adelaide and himself. The first portion of the Burial Service was read at Christ Church, Lancaster-gate, the Rev. Albert Shutte, formerly vicar of Mortlake, and the Rev. J. A. Forrest officiating. The body arrived at half-past two, and was followed by several carriages containing the immediate mourners, who included Mr. F. W. Blunt (brother), Sir Frederick Wigan, Lady Wigan (sister), Colonel Blunt, Mr. Hubert Wilson, Mr. Walter Chapman, Mr. James Wigan, Dr. Atkin Swan, Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Collins, Mr. Winchester Clowes, and Mr. Egerton Grey. Numerous wreaths covered the hearse and the coffin. Among those who sent flowers were Sir Arthur Sullivan, Misa Olga Nethersole, Mrs. John Wood, Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft, Mr. and Mrs. John Hare, Sir W. L. and Lady Young, the staff of the Court Theatre, Mr. Arthur Chudleigh, Mr. and Mrs. Pinero, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Law, Mr. D'Oyly Carte, Mr. J. L. Toole, Mr. Gilbert Farquhar, Mr. and Mrs. George Grossmith, Dr. and Mrs. Percival White, and Mr. Ernest Metzler.</quote> (YtBoMACB)

Questions and NotesEdit