Social Victorians/1894-05-21 Goltsteins At Home

Concert by the Amsterdam a Cappella Choir at the Goltsteins' "At Home"Edit


  • 1894 May 21, Monday evening
  • The Netherlands Minister and Baroness Goltstein
  • at their residence, in Queen's-gate place
  • Concert by the Amsterdam a Cappella Choir, conducted by Daniel de Lange

Who Was PresentEdit

Performances and PerformersEdit

  1. Madlle. Marie Geselschap (pianiste) played a Prelude and Fugue by Bach, Chopin's "Barcarolle," and Verdi-Liszt's "Rigoletto Fantasie"
  2. M. Henri Seiffert (violinist) performed Sarasate's "Zigeunerweisen" and Dr. Max Bruch's "Adagio."
  3. Daniel de Lange, conductor
  4. An a Cappella Choir from Amsterdam
  5. The Choir sang <quote>"Wilhelmus van Nassouwe" (Dutch National Anthem, 16th Century); "Agnus Dei (Sac. O'Crecht); Psalm 122 (T. P. Sweelinck; "Entre vous Idles" (Jac Clemens Non Papa); "Petite Camusette" (Tosquin des Prés); "Wie gaat met ons mée;" and the Dutch National Anthem.</quote> (TNMaBG)

The Amsterdam a Cappella Choir's <quote>admirable singing has proved so attractive that Mr. Daniel de Lange, the conductor, has extended the stay of the band in London till the end of this week.</quote> (TNMaBG)


  1. the Austro-Hungarian Ambassador and Countess Deym
  2. the German Ambassador
  3. the Italian Ambassador and Countess Tornielli
  4. the United States Ambassador and Madame Bayard
  5. the French Ambassador and Madame Decrais
  6. the Danish Minister and Madame de Bille
  7. the Brazilian Minister
  8. the Persian Minister
  9. the Portuguese Minister
  10. the Roumanian Minister
  11. the Swedish Minister
  12. the Hereditary Prince Hohenlohe
  13. Prince Schönberg Waldenburg
  14. Prince and Princess Dolgoroukoff
  15. Count Perponcher
  16. Count Bouteneff
  17. M. A. Kroupensky
  18. M. Joostens
  19. Count and Countess Ahlefeldt Lauvig
  20. M. J. Decrais
  21. M. de la Chaussée
  22. Count Metternich
  23. M. Rucker Jenisch
  24. Commander Guelich
  25. Count de Minerbi
  26. M. and Madame Gude
  27. M. and Madame Bourcart
  28. M. d'Orelli
  29. the Earl and Countess of Dunraven
  30. the Earl of Camperdown
  31. the Countess of Airlie
  32. the Countess of Wilton
  33. Earl and Countess De-La-Warr
  34. Lord and Lady Aberdare
  35. Lord and Lady Lawrence
  36. Lady Brabourne
  37. Lady Carew and Mrs. Clifford Cory
  38. Lady Conyers
  39. Lady Henry Gordon Lennox
  40. Lady Tenterden
  41. Lord and Lady Playfair
  42. Colonel the Hon. W. and Miss Colville
  43. Baroness Deichmann
  44. Sir Frederick Leighton
  45. Sir Julian Goldsmid and Miss Goldsmid
  46. Sir Arthur and Lady Haliburton
  47. Sir Trevor and Lady Lawrence
  48. Sir Francis Montefiore
  49. Mr. and Lady Leucha Warner
  50. Sir Edward Thornton
  51. Sir Alfred and Lady Lyall
  52. Mr. William Gillett
  53. Mr. and Mrs. Lecky
  54. Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Collins
  55. Mr. and Mrs. Alma Tadema
  56. And others

Questions and NotesEdit

  1. Possibly Goltstein is Baron Willem van Goltstein van Oldenaller.