Social Victorians/1893-07-08 Mackay Dinner & Concert

Small Dinner and Concert Hosted by Mrs. MackayEdit


  • 1893 July 8, Saturday
  • Hosts, Mrs. Mackay and Mr. Clarence Mackay
  • At her residence in Carlton House Terrace
  • A small concert followed the dinner.


Who Was PresentEdit

  1. the Duke of Edinburgh
  2. the American Ambassador and Mrs. Bayard
  3. the Earl and Countess of Aylesford
  4. Julia Countess of Jersey
  5. Lord and Lady D'Arcy Godolphin Osborne
  6. Lord and Lady Lawrence
  7. Lady Conyers
  8. Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Martin
  9. Comte du Pontavice de Heussey
  10. Sir Hubert Miller
  11. Mrs. Ronalds, Fanny Ronalds
  12. Mrs. Cornelius Garrison
  13. Colonel Arthur Collins
  14. Colonel Lewis V. Loyd, M.P.
  15. Mr. Clarence Mackay

Small ConcertEdit

Questions and NotesEdit