Social Victorians/1891-12-19 Dolmetsch Lecture

Arnold Dolmetsch's First Lecture and Concert at 20 Fitzroy StreetEdit


  • 19 December 1891
  • Arnold Dolmetsch
  • Herbert Horne's and A. H. Mackmurdo's studio at 20 Fitzroy Street

Who Was PresentEdit



Campbell SaysEdit

Arnold Dolmetsch gave his first lecture at 20 Fitzroy Street, Herbert Horne's and A. H. Mackmurdo's studio, since he couldn't use any of the halls available to people with academic connections. <quote>Horne arranged everything and designed and printed beautiful notices that would catch the eye. He handled the advance publicity with such skill that on the night of the concert (19 December 1891) the studio was packed. The best-known progressives in London had turned out for the occasion — artists, poets, writers: they were fascinated by this little Frenchman whose very appearances was more pre-Raphaelite than the pre-Raphaelites themselves with velvet suit, lace ruffles and silver buckles on his shoes. His music recaptured for them the delights of a lost enchantment: the embodiment of all their aspirations. He was loved on sight and when the concert was over they applauded uproariously. At last Dolmetsch had found his audience.</quote> (Campbell 41)

Questions and NotesEdit

  1. Was Annie Horniman there? Florence Farr? William Butler Yeats?


  • Campbell, Margaret.