Social Victorians/1887-03-23 Salisbury Reception

Marchioness of Salisbury ReceptionEdit


Who Was PresentEdit

  1. The German Ambassador
  2. the Italian Ambassador
  3. the Persian Minister and Princess Sultane Malcom
  4. the Swedish Minister
  5. the Portuguese Minister and Madame d'Antas and Madlle. Pinto Basto
  6. the Greek Minister
  7. the Servian Minister
  8. the Japanese Minister and Madame Kawasé
  9. Count Adlerberg
  10. Hamid Bey
  11. Prince Pless
  12. Count Metternich
  13. Count Bylandt
  14. Baron Gevers
  15. Mounschi Bashi
  16. Baron and Baroness de Barreto
  17. T. Nakada
  18. Mr. Oxholm
  19. Sir Halliday and Lady Macartney
  20. Mrs. Stuart Lane
  21. the Duchess of Bedford and Miss Bannerman
  22. the Marquis of Abergavenny
  23. the Marchioness of Lothian and Lady Cecil Kerr
  24. the Earl of Powis
  25. the Earl of Courtown and Lady Eleanor Stopford
  26. the Earl and Countess of Miiltown
  27. the Countess of Malmesbury
  28. Earl Stanhope
  29. the Countess of Cottenham
  30. the Earl of Orkney
  31. the Earl and Countess of Onslow
  32. the Earl of Belmore
  33. the Countess of Northesk and Lady Helen Carnegie
  34. the Countess of Selkirk
  35. Julia Countess of Jersey and Mr. Brandling
  36. the Dowager Countess of Airlie and Lady Grisalda Ogilvy
  37. Viscountess Bury and Hon. Lina Keppel
  38. Viscount and Viscountess Cross and Hon. Mary Cross
  39. Viscountess Newry
  40. Viscount and Viscountess Midleton and Hon. Miss Brodrick
  41. Viscount Bangor
  42. Viscount Chetwynd and Hon. Katherine Chetwynd
  43. Count de Salis
  44. Lady Muncaster and Miss L'Estrange
  45. Hon. Lady Campbell
  46. Lady Margaret Charteris and Miss Charteris and Miss Adeane
  47. Lord aud Lady Henry Brudenell Bruce
  48. Lord and Lady Colchester
  49. Lady Alary Hozier and Miss May Hozier
  50. Lady Frances Cecil
  51. Hon. Lady M'Garel-Hogg
  52. Lady Conyers and Hon. Violet Lane Fox
  53. Lord and Lady Eustace Cecil
  54. Lord and Lady Maenaghten
  55. Hon. Lady Du Cane and Miss Du Cane
  56. Hon. Lady Cotterell and Miss Cotterell
  57. Lord and Lady George Hamilton
  58. Lady Helen Stewart
  59. Hon. Lady Hamilton Gordon
  60. Winifred Lady Howard of Glossop
  61. Lord St. Oswald and Hon. Miss Winn
  62. Lord Monk Bretton
  63. Lord Wimborne
  64. Lady Baggallay and Miss Baggallay
  65. Lady Grant and Miss Grant
  66. Lady Tenterden and Hon. Miss Abbott
  67. Lady Chelmsford
  68. Lord and Lady Cloncurry
  69. Lady Frances Balfour and Lady Constance Campbell
  70. Lady Charles Clinton
  71. Mrs. Campbell and Miss Herbert Stepney
  72. Mary Lady Raglan and the Misses Spencer Churchill
  73. Lord and Lady Abinger
  74. Lord Alcester
  75. Lady Sullivan and Miss Sullivan
  76. Lady Florence Wilbraham
  77. Hon. Mrs. Percy Mitford
  78. Hon. Hallyburton and Mrs. Campbell and Miss Campbell
  79. Hon. Mrs. C. Eliot and Misses Eiiot (2)
  80. Hon. Charles and Mrs. Fremantle
  81. Hon. Herbert Cairns
  82. Hon. Fitzroy Stewart
  83. Hon. S. M'Donnell
  84. Hon. George Brodrick
  85. Hon. Mrs. Mure and Miss Mure
  86. Hon. Mrs. Townley Mitford and Miss Mitford
  87. Hon. Edward and Mrs. Thesiger
  88. Hon. Henry and Mrs. Brand
  89. Hon. Eric Barrington and Miss Dallas Yorke
  90. Hon. Arthur Saumarez
  91. Hon. H. and Lady Margaret Cuffe
  92. General Hon. E. and Mrs. Gage and the Misses Gage
  93. Hon. Mrs. Mostyn and Hon. Misses Mostyn
  94. Hon. Kenneth Howard
  95. Colonel the Hon. F. and Mrs. Bridgeman
  96. Hon. Charles and Mrs. Hanbury Lennox
  97. Hon. Algernon and Mrs. Egerton
  98. Mr. Malcolm Low, M.P., and Lady Ida Low
  99. Hon. Francis Parker, M.P., and Mrs. Parker
  100. Hon. L. M. O'Brien
  101. Mr. and Lady Elizabeth Cust and Miss Cust
  102. Mr. and Lady Henrietta Turnor
  103. Hon. Mrs. Higgins
  104. Mr. and Lady Margaret Graham
  105. Hon. St. John Brodrick, M.P., and Lady Hilda Brodrick
  106. Baron Henry de Worms, M.P., and Baroness de Worms
  107. Baron and Baroness de Renter
  108. the Right Hon. H. Cecil Raikes, M.P., and Mrs. and the Misses Raikes
  109. the Right Hon. Sir William Hart Dyke, M.P.
  110. the Right Hon. George Cubitt, M.P., and Miss Cubitt
  111. the Right Hon. G. Sclater-Booth, M.P., and Misses Sclater-Booth (2)
  112. the Right Hon. Sir George and Lady Bowen and Miss Bowen
  113. the Right Hon. Sir John Rose and Julia Marchioness of Tweeddale
  114. the Right Hon. G. Cavendish Bentinck, M. P., and Mrs. Cavendish-Bentinck
  115. Sir George and Lady Dallas and Miss Emily Welby
  116. Colonel Sir Charles Wilson
  117. Sir Rutherford and Lady Alcock
  118. Sir Joseph Bailey, M.P.
  119. Sir Ronald Thomson
  120. Sir H. Rawlinson
  121. Sir Edward Bates, M.P., and Lady Bates
  122. Sir Alfred Trevelyan
  123. General Sir Daniel and Lady Lysons
  124. Sir Duncan Campbell
  125. Sir Oscar Clayton
  126. Sir Frederick Leighton
  127. Sir Arthur and Lady Hayter
  128. Sir James Corry
  129. Sir Reginald Barnewall
  130. Sir Ralph Thompson
  131. Sir Augustus and Lady Stephens
  132. Sir Brydges Henniker and Miss Henniker
  133. Sir John and Lady Kennaway
  134. Sir Howard and Lady Elphinstone
  135. General Sir Seymour Blane
  136. Sir E. Birkbeck, M.P., and Hon. Lady Birkbeck
  137. Sir W. Hardman and Miss Hardman
  138. Sir A. and Lady Acland Hood and Miss Acland Hood
  139. Sir E. Inglefleld
  140. Sir F. Adair
  141. General Sir Edward B. Hamley, M.P., and Miss Hamley
  142. the Right Hon. Sir Francis and Lady Sandford
  143. Sir Roderick Cameron and Miss Cameron
  144. Sir Philip Currie
  145. Sir Arthur Hood and Miss Hood
  146. Sir John Lubbock, M.P., and Lady Lubbock
  147. General Sir Edward Bulwer and Misses Bulwer
  148. Sir Richard Webster and Miss Webster
  149. Sir E. Colebrooke and Miss Colebrooke
  150. Sir F. and Lady Alston and Misses Alston
  151. Sir A. Campbell
  152. Sir Edmund Lechmere, M.P., and Lady Lechmere
  153. Sir Villiers Lister and Misses Lister
  154. Sir John Dalrymple Hay and Misses Dalrymple Hay
  155. Sir Joseph and Lady Fayrer and Miss Fayrer
  156. Sir Trevor Lawrence, M.P., and Lady Lawrence
  157. Sir E. and Lady Henderson and Miss Henderson
  158. General Sir Lintorn Simmons
  159. Colonel Sir Francis Morley
  160. Colonel Milne Home
  161. Sir J. and Lady Heron Maxwell and Miss H. Maxwell
  162. General Duncan Baillie
  163. General and Mrs. Lynedoch Gardiner and Miss Gardiner
  164. Colonel and Mrs. Charles Gore and Miss Gore
  165. Colonel Frank Russell
  166. Colonel and Mrs. Frank Deedes
  167. Colonel and Mrs. Edgcumbe
  168. Colonel Wynne Finch
  169. Colonel Lloyd Anstruther, M.P.
  170. Colonel Mallison
  171. Colonel Saundersou, M.P., and Mrs. Saunderson
  172. Colonel Arthur Collins
  173. Colonel Laurie, M.P., and Mrs. and Miss Laurie
  174. Captain and Mrs. Walrond Clarke
  175. Captain Adeane
  176. Colonel and Mrs. Julian Hall and Miss Hall
  177. Captain and Mrs. Codrington
  178. Captain Cox
  179. Captain Shaw and Miss Shaw
  180. Mr. Ashmead-Bartlett, M.P.
  181. Mr. Lawson
  182. Mr. C. Sykes, M.P.
  183. Mr. Milvain, M.P.
  184. Mr. Cox, M.P.
  185. Mr. J. Talbot, M.P., and Hon. Mrs. and Miss Talbot
  186. Mr. A. Fitzroy
  187. Mr. Ainslie, M.P., and Mrs. and the Misses Ainslie
  188. Mr. R. Norton, M.P.
  189. Mr. Addison, M.P., and Mrs. Addison
  190. Mr. Muntz, M.P., and Mrs. Muntz
  191. Mr. Mallock, M.P., and Mrs. Mallook
  192. Mr. C. Beresford-Hope
  193. Mr. C. Alderson
  194. Mr. G. Baden-Powell, M.P.
  195. the Rev. H. White
  196. Mr. and Mrs. E. Lees
  197. the Rev. C. and Mrs. Greenaway and Misses Greenaway
  198. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Synge
  199. Mr. and Mrs. Bigwood and Miss Bigwood
  200. Mr. William Gillett
  201. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Maclure
  202. Mrs. and Miss Baden-Powell
  203. Mr. B. S. Baden-Powell
  204. Mrs. F. Gaussen and Miss Gaussen
  205. Mr. William Gaussen
  206. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Hanbury
  207. Mrs. Troyte and Misses A. and C. Troyte
  208. Mr. J. Hildyard and Miss Evelyn Hildyard
  209. Mrs. C. F. Hotham
  210. Mr. and Mrs. Berkeley
  211. Mr. Puleston, M.P., and Mrs. and Misses Puleston
  212. Mr. and Mrs. Reginald Smith
  213. Miss Smith
  214. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Seton-Karr
  215. Mr. Evan Llewellyn, M.P., and Mrs. Llewellyn
  216. Mr. Lawrence Brodrick
  217. Mr. David Bevan
  218. Mr. Ferguson
  219. Mr. and Mrs. Heygate
  220. Mrs. E. Drummond and Miss Drummond
  221. Mr. Abel Smith, M.P., and Mrs. Smith
  222. Mr. John Ryder
  223. Mr. Baird, M.P.
  224. Mr. Edgar Sebright
  225. Mr. R. H. Benson
  226. Mr. A. Blunt
  227. Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Arnold and Miss Arnold
  228. Mr. Liddell
  229. Mr. Wollaston Blake
  230. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Egerton
  231. Mr. Lucas
  232. Mr. Montagu Stanhope and Miss Stanhope
  233. Mr. Bristowe, M.P., and Mrs. Bristowe
  234. Mr. Beach, M.P.
  235. Mr. A. Van Wagner
  236. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence and Miss Lawrence
  237. Miss Ames
  238. Miss Capel Cure
  239. Mrs. and Miss Richmond
  240. Mr. Inglis Richmond
  241. Mr. and Mrs. Palgrave
  242. Mr. C. Wegg Prosser
  243. Mrs. Harvey and Miss B. Harvey
  244. Mr. and Mrs. A. Ellicott
  245. Mr. M'Kerrell of Hillhouse
  246. Mr. Willoughby Maycock
  247. Mr. Palmer
  248. Mr. and Mrs. du Maurier and Miss du Maurier
  249. Mrs. Victor Buckley and Miss Buckley
  250. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thynne
  251. Mr. and Mrs. C. Maude
  252. Mr. and Mrs. L. Drummond
  253. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Alderson
  254. Mr. Graham Kirklinton
  255. Mr. Michael Williams
  256. Mr. Coombe Tennant
  257. Mr. Hobart
  258. Mr. and Mrs. Archibald Milman
  259. Mr. and Mrs. Disraeli and Miss Disraeli
  260. Mr. Mallet
  261. Mr. A. Oliphant
  262. Mr. Bond, M.P.
  263. Mr. Lawrence, M.P.
  264. Mr. and Mrs. Pearce
  265. Mrs. H. Sandford
  266. Mr. Kekewich
  267. Mr. and Mrs. Murray
  268. Mr. Halsey, M.P., and Mrs. Halsey
  269. Mr. Henry Mulholland, M.P., and Mrs. Mulholland
  270. Mr. and Mrs. Durnford
  271. Mr. Buckle
  272. Mr. Murdoch, M.P., and Mrs. and Miss Murdoch
  273. Mr. Godfrey Webb
  274. Mr. E. Davidson
  275. Mr. Fane
  276. Mr. and Mrs. Muir Mackenzie
  277. Mr. Hopwood
  278. Mr. and Mrs. Montagu Tharp
  279. Mr. Shaw Stuart, M.P.
  280. Mr. Lionel Cust
  281. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Walpole
  282. Mrs. Crawley and Misses Crawley
  283. Mr. Stopford Sackville
  284. Mr. and Mrs. Sclater
  285. Mr. and Mrs. Brook Taylor
  286. Mrs. Munro and the Misses Munro
  287. Mr. Denzil Onslow
  288. Mr. and Mrs. Bayne Ranken
  289. Mr. Drummond Wolff
  290. Mrs. and Miss Balfour
  291. Mr. A. D. Ryder
  292. Mrs. Goodlake
  293. Mrs. Singleton
  294. Mr. H. Singleton
  295. Mr. and Mrs. Pomfret
  296. the Misses Shaw Lefevre
  297. Mr. and Mrs. Marindin
  298. Mr. and Mrs. P. Beresford-Hope
  299. Mr. Raglan Somerset
  300. Mrs. Legh of Lyme and Miss Legh
  301. Dr. and Mrs. William Smith and Miss Smith
  302. Mr. Leveson Gower
  303. the Misses Liddell
  304. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. M. Crichton
  305. Mr. Goring Thomas
  306. Mr. C. Hervey
  307. Mr. and Mrs. A. Bonham Carter
  308. Mr. and Mrs. H. Grenfell and Miss Grenfell
  309. Mr. Welby
  310. Mr. C. Shaw
  311. Mr. and Mrs W. Haggard
  312. Mr. Ralph Tottenham
  313. Mrs. Walrond
  314. Mr. Mount, M.P., and Mrs. Mount
  315. Mr. Venables
  316. Mr. Brookfield, M.P.
  317. Mr. and Mrs. Alban Gibbs
  318. Mr. Scott Fox
  319. Mr. W. H. Mallock
  320. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Hardcastle
  321. Mrs. James Lowther and Miss Farquhar
  322. Mr. A. G. Liddell
  323. Mr. Fenwick
  324. Mrs. F. Goschen and Miss Goschen
  325. Mrs. Marwood Tucker
  326. Mr. and Mrs. Nicol
  327. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Paget
  328. Mrs. Edmund Vaughan
  329. Mr. and Mrs. Gramshaw
  330. Mr. Lloyd Mitford
  331. Misses Beresford-Hope
  332. Mr. Murray
  333. Mr. W. Sidebottom, M.P.
  334. Mr. Lang
  335. Mr. and Mrs. George Spottiswoode
  336. Mr. F. S. Powell, M.P., and Mrs. Powell
  337. Mr. T. Michell
  338. Mr. A G. Liddell
  339. Mr. Lindsay
  340. Mr. Spencer Stanhope


From the Morning PostEdit

<quote>The following were among the guests present at the Marchioness of Salisbury's reception on Wednesday evening ...</quote> (TMoS'sR).

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