Social Victorians/1887-02-19 Duchess of Bedford Reception

Reception Hosted by Elizabeth Russell, Duchess of BedfordEdit


  • 1887 February 19, Saturday
  • Eaton Square, the London residence of the Duke and Duchess of Beford
  • Hosts: Elizabeth Sackville-West Russell, Duchess of Bedford

Who Was PresentEdit

  1. the Italian Ambassador
  2. the Persian Minister and Princess Malcom Khan
  3. the Portuguese Minister and Madame d'Antas
  4. the United States Minister and Mrs. Phelps
  5. Baroness Solvyna
  6. Baron Plessen
  7. General Boutourline
  8. Count d'Aubigny
  9. M. and Madame de Zulueta
  10. Count and Countess de Florian
  11. Vicomte St. Genya
  12. M. René David
  13. Mr. Henry White
  14. Mr. C. P. Phelps
  15. M. de la Chaussés
  16. the Marquis and Marchioness of Tavistock
  17. the Marchioness of Salisbury and Lady Gwendolen Cecil
  18. Earl Granville and Lady Victoria Leveson Gower
  19. Earl and Countess De-La-Warr
  20. Earl and Countess Waldegrave
  21. Earl Bathurst
  22. the Earl of Arran and Lady Alice Gore
  23. the Dowager Countess of Arran and Lady Mary Gore
  24. Julia Countess of Jersey and Mr. Brandling
  25. Viscount Bury
  26. Viscount and Viscountess Newark
  27. Viscountess Hood and Hon. Mabel Hood
  28. Lord and Lady Balfour of Burleigh
  29. Lord and Lady Esher
  30. Lord and Lady Arthur Russell and Miss Russell
  31. Lord Sudeley and Hon. Eva Hanbury Tracy
  32. Lord Sherborne
  33. Lord Foley
  34. Lord Charles Bruce
  35. Lady Ulrica Thynne and Misses Thynne and Lady Helen Blackwood
  36. Lady Egerton of Tatton and Lady Charlotte Amherst
  37. Hon. Lady Campbell
  38. Lord Robert Cecil
  39. Winifred Lady Howard of Glossop
  40. Lady Margaret Charteris and Misa Charteris
  41. Lady Elizabeth Romilly and Mrs. Horace Seymour
  42. Lady Augustua Hervey and Mr. Charles Hervey
  43. Lady Mary Hozier and Lady Frances Cecil
  44. Lady Abercromby and Miss Phipps
  45. the Ladies Susan and Frances Portescue
  46. Lady Emma Talbot and Miss Talbot
  47. Hon. Lady Cotterell and Miss Cotterell
  48. Hon. W. St. John Brodrick, M.P., and Lady Hilda Brodrick
  49. Hon. John and Mrs. Dundas and Lady Harriet Osborne
  50. Hon. A. and Mrs. Keppel
  51. Hon. Hallyburton and Mrs. Campbell
  52. Miss Campbell and Misses Beresford-Hope
  53. Hon. P. Stanhope, M.P., and Countess Tolstoi
  54. Hon. Wallace Cochrane-Baillie
  55. Hon. Mrs. W. Lowther and Miss Lowther
  56. Colonel Hon. W. Colville
  57. Hon. Kenneth Howard
  58. the Right Hon. G. J. Goschen, M.P., and Mrs. and Miss Goschen
  59. the Right Hon. Edward Marjoribanks, M.P., and Lady Fanny Marjoribanks
  60. the Right Hon. Hugh Childers, M.P.. and Mrs. Childers
  61. the Right Hon. George Cavendish Bentinck, M.P., and Mrs. Cavendish Bentinck
  62. Sir Edward and Lady Thornton and Misses Thornton
  63. Sir Gerald and Lady Fitzgerald
  64. Sir James Paget, and Miss Paget
  65. Sir Kenneth Matheson
  66. Captain and Lady Edith Adeane
  67. Mr. and Lady Mary Hope
  68. Mr. Algernon and Lady Henrietta Turnor
  69. General Feilding
  70. Colonel and Mrs. Haygarth
  71. Colonel Arthur Collins
  72. Major Tredcroft
  73. Mr. Howard Vincent, M.P., and Mrs. Vincent
  74. Mr. Halsey, M.P., and Mrs. and Miss Halsey
  75. Mr. and Mrs. F. Gordon
  76. Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Johnson
  77. Mr. C. Romilly
  78. Miss Duff Gordon
  79. Mrs. Crawley and the Misses Crawley
  80. Mrs. Lloyd Wynne
  81. Miss Bannerman
  82. Mrs. Deichmann
  83. Mr. Saunderson
  84. Mr. Leonard Lindsay
  85. Mr. Raglan Somerset
  86. Mr. Colebrooke
  87. Mr. Charles Buller
  88. Mr. A. Denison
  89. Mr. A. Williams Wynn
  90. Mrs. and Miss Lynedoch Gardiner
  91. and many others


From the Morning PostEdit

<quote>The Duchess of Bedford held her second reception at the family residence in Eaton-square, on Saturday night.</quote> (AfTD1887-02-21)

Questions and NotesEdit