Social Victorians/1886-07-21 Ball at Marlborough House


Who Was PresentEdit

  1. Prince and Princess Christian of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg
  2. Princess Louise (Marchioness of Lorne) and the Marquis of Lorne
  3. the Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz
  4. Prince Albert Victor of Wales
  5. Princess Louise of Wales
  6. the Duke of Cambridge
  7. Princess Mary Adelaide (Duchess of Teck)
  8. Duke of Teck
  9. Princess Victoria of Teck

People InvitedEdit

<quote>The following had the honour of receiving invitations, but some among them were unavoidably prevented from attending ...</quote> (BaMHMP1886-07-22).

  1. Prince and Princess Victor of Hohenlohe and the Countess Feodore Gleichen
  2. Count Karolyi and the Countess Karolyi (Austro-Hungarian Ambassador)
  3. Monsieur Waddington (French Ambassador) and Madame Waddlngton and Mademoiselle King
  4. Monsieur de Staal (Russian Ambassador), Madame de Staal, and Mademoiselle de Staal
  5. Count Hatzfeldt (German Ambassador)
  6. Rustem Pasha (Turkish Ambassador)
  7. Count Corti (Italian Ambassador)
  8. Count de Bylandt (Netherlands Minister) and the Countess de Bylandt
  9. Baron Solvyns (Belgian Minister) and the Baroness Solvyns
  10. Prince Malcom Khan (Persian Minister), the Princess Malcom Khan, and the Princess Sultana Malcom
  11. Baron de Penodo (Brazilian Minister) and the Baroness de Penedo
  12. M. M. d'Antas (Portuguese Minister) and Madame d'Antas
  13. Count Piper (Minister for Sweden and Norway)
  14. Monsieur de Falbe (Danish Minister) and Madame de Falbe
  15. Mr. Edward J. Phelps (United States Minister) and Mrs. Phelps
  16. Don Cipriano del Mazo (Spanish Minister)
  17. M. J. Gennadius (Greek Minister)
  18. Count Münster and Countess Marie Münster
  19. Count d'Eulenburg
  20. Prince and Princess de Wagram
  21. Duc and Duchesse d'Otrante and Countesse Augusta d'Otrante
  22. Duc de la Tremonille
  23. Marques and Marquesa de Santurce and the Mesdemoiselles de Murrieta
  24. Marquis de Guadalmina
  25. Marquise de Lavaggi and Comtesse de Lavaggi
  26. Marquis Maffei
  27. Marquis Niccolini
  28. Count A. E. Gleichen
  29. Count N. Adlerberg
  30. Count and Countess X. de Florian
  31. Count P. Esterhazy
  32. Count Wilmoss Festitics
  33. Count R. Kinsky
  34. Count T. Bolesta Koziebrodzki
  35. Count P. Metternich
  36. Count Pourtales
  37. Countess de la Somaglia
  38. Viscount de Saint Genys
  39. Baron Both
  40. Baron and Baronne de Brienen and the Mesdemoiselles de Brienen
  41. Baroness Alphonse de Rothschild
  42. Baron Ferdinand and Miss Alice de Rothschild
  43. Baron Plessen
  44. M. V Boulatzell
  45. M. and Madame M. Ephrussi
  46. M. von Hengelmuller
  47. M. A. Kroupensky
  48. M. and Madame G. Meyer
  49. Mr. C. de Murrieta
  50. Mr. A. de Murrieta
  51. M. Luiz de Soveral
  52. M. de Stoeckl
  53. Signor Tosti
  54. Richmond and Gordon and the Ladies Gordon Lennox
  55. the Duke and Duchess of St. Albans
  56. the Duke and Duchess of Leeds and Lady Harriet Osborne
  57. the Duke and Duchess of Bedford and Lady Ela Russll
  58. the Duchess of Marlborough and Lady Sarah Spencer Churchill
  59. the Duke and Duchess of Buccleuch and Lady Eleanor Lambton
  60. the Duke and Duchess of Athole and the Ladies Murray
  61. the Duke and Duchess of Roxburghe
  62. the Duke of Portland
  63. the Duke and Duchess of Manchester and Lady Alice Montagu
  64. the Duke and Duchess of Wellington
  65. the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland and Lady Alexandra Gower
  66. the Duke and Duchess of Abercorn
  67. the Duke and Duchess of Westminster
  68. The Marquis and Marchioness of Abergavenny and the Ladies Nevill
  69. Maria Marchioness of Ailesbury
  70. the Marquis and Marchioness of Bath and the Ladies Thynne
  71. the Marquis and Marchioness of Breadalbane
  72. the Marquis and Marchioness of Carmarthen
  73. the Marquis and Marchioness of Conyngham, the Dowager Marchioness Conyngham and the Ladies Conyngham
  74. the Marchioness of Downshire and Miss Balfour
  75. the Marquis and Marchioness of Exeter and the Ladies Cecil
  76. the Marquis of Hartington
  77. the Marquis and Marchioness of Headford
  78. Lady Adelaide Taylour and Miss Wilson Patten
  79. the Marchioness of Lansdowne
  80. the Marquis and Marchioness of Lothian and Lady Cecil Kerr
  81. the Marquis and Marchioness of Londonderry
  82. the Dowager Marchioness of Londonderry and and Lady Alice Vane Tempest
  83. the Marquis and Marchioness of Ormonde
  84. the Marquis and Marchioness of Ripon
  85. the Marquis and Marchioness of Salisbury and Lady Gwendolen Cecil
  86. the Marquis and Marchioness of Stafford
  87. the Marquis and Marchioness of Tweeddale
  88. the Marquis and Marchioness of Waterford
  89. the Earl of Arran and Lady Alice Gore
  90. the Earl and Countess of Airlie
  91. the Earl and Countess of Bradford and Lady Mabel Bridgeman
  92. the Earl and Countess of Bective
  93. Earl and Countess Brownlow
  94. the Earl and Countess of Clarendon
  95. Earl and Countess Cadogan and Miss Brudenell Bruce
  96. the Earl and Countess of Crawford and Balcarres
  97. the Earl of Camperdown
  98. the Earl of Clonmell
  99. the Earl and Countess of Cork and Lady Isabel Boyle
  100. Earl and Countess Cowper and Miss Fane
  101. the Earl and Countess of Coventry
  102. Earl and Countess Cowley and Lady Eva Wellesley
  103. the Earl and Countess of Dalhousie
  104. the Earl of Dalkeith
  105. Earl and Countess de Grey
  106. the Earl of Durham and Lady E. Lambton
  107. the Earl of Euston
  108. the Earl and Countess of Feversham and the Ladies Duncombe
  109. the Earl of Fife
  110. the Earl and Countess Fitzwilliam and the Ladies Alice and Albreda Fitzwilliam
  111. Earl and Countess Granville and Lady Victoria Leveson-Gower
  112. the Earl and Countess of Gosford
  113. Countess Grosvenor
  114. the Earl and Countess of Hardwicke
  115. the Earl of Hopetoun
  116. Earl and Countess and Lady Margaret Browne
  117. the Earl and Countess of Kilmorey
  118. the Earl and Countess of Kimberley and Lady Constance Wodehouse
  119. the Earl and Countess of Lathom and the Ladies Wilbraham
  120. the Earl and Countess of Leitrim
  121. the Earl and Countess of Listowel
  122. the Earl and Countess of Lytton and Lady Betty Lytton
  123. the Earl and Countess of Lonsdale and Miss Evelyn Chichester
  124. the Earl and Countess of Macclesfield and the Ladies Parker
  125. the Earl and Countess of March
  126. the Earl of Mount-Edgcumbe and the Ladies Edgcumbe
  127. the Earl and Countess of Morley
  128. the Earl of Northbrook and Lady Emma Baring
  129. the Earl and Countess of Pembroke
  130. the Earl and Countess of Rosebery
  131. the Earl and Countess of Rosslyn and Miss Maynard
  132. the Earl and Countess of Romney and Lady Florence Marsham
  133. the Earl of Sandwich
  134. the Dowager Countess of Shrewsbury
  135. Earl and Countess Spencer
  136. the Earl and Countess of Sefton
  137. Earl and Countess Sydney
  138. the Earl and Countess of Wharncliffe
  139. the Earl and Countess of Warwick and Lady Eva Greville
  140. the Earl and Countess of Westmorland and Lady Grace Fane
  141. the Earl of Wiltshire
  142. Isabella Countess of Wilton
  143. Elizabeth Countess of Wilton and Lady Elizabeth Egerton
  144. the Countess of Yarborough and Mr. Richardson
  145. the Earl of Yarborough
  146. the Earl and Countess of Zetland
  147. Viscount and Viscountess Harrington and the Hon. Florence Barrington
  148. Viscount Baring
  149. General Viscount Bridport and the Hon. Rosa Hood
  150. Viscount and Viscountess Bury and the Hon. Misses Kepple
  151. Viscount Castlerosse
  152. Viscount Cranborne
  153. Viscount Clifden
  154. Viscount and Viscountess Coke
  155. Viscount and Viscountess Cole
  156. Viscount and Viscountess Curzon
  157. Viscount and Viscountess Dalrymple
  158. Viscount Deerhurst
  159. Viscount and Viscountess Downe
  160. Viscount Dungarvan
  161. Viscount Drumlanrig
  162. Viscount Ebrington
  163. Viscount and Viscountess Folkestone
  164. Viscount Grey de Wilton
  165. Viscountess Helmsley and Mr. Owen
  166. Viscount and Viscountess Hood and the Hon. Mabel Hood
  167. Viscount and Viscountess Lascelles
  168. Viscount and Viscountess Lewisham
  169. Viscount and Viscountess Mandeville
  170. Viscount Marsham
  171. Viscount and Viscountess Melgund
  172. Viscount and Viscountess Newport
  173. Viscount and Viscountess Powerscourt
  174. Viscount and Viscountess Tarbat and the Hon. Miss Macdonald
  175. Viscount and Viscountess Valentia
  176. Viscount Weymouth
  177. Viscount and Viscountess Wolseley
  178. Admiral Lord Alcester
  179. Lord and Lady Aveland and the Hon. Misses Willoughby
  180. Lord and Lady Alington and the Charles Beresford
  181. Lord Henry Bentinck
  182. Lord and Lady Cecilia Bingham
  183. Lord and Lady Brooke
  184. Lord and Lady Charles Bruce
  185. Lord Arthur Butler
  186. Lord and Lady Burghley
  187. Lady Gwendolin Chaplin
  188. Lord and Lady Edward Cavendish
  189. Lord and Lady Camoys
  190. Lord Calthorpe
  191. Lord and Lady Archibald Campbell
  192. Lord and Lady Cardross
  193. Lord and Lady Chesham
  194. Lord and Lady Churchill
  195. Lord and Lady Colville of Culross and the Hon. Blanche Colville
  196. Lord Alwyn Compton
  197. Lord D. Compton
  198. Lord and Lady Randolph S. Churchill
  199. Lord and Lady Churston
  200. Lord De L'Isle and Dudley and the Hon. Mary Sidney
  201. Lord and Lady de Clifford
  202. Lord and Lady Dorchester
  203. Lord and Lady Elcho
  204. Lord Edmond Fitzmaurice
  205. Lord Greenock
  206. Lord Arthur Grosvenor
  207. Lord Henry Grosvenor
  208. Lord and Lady Claud Hamilton
  209. Lord and Lady Hastings and the Hon. Agneta Astley
  210. Lord Frederick Hamilton
  211. Lady Augustus Hervey and Miss Hervey
  212. Dowagar Lady Henniker and the Hon. Helen Henniker
  213. Lady Alfred Hervey and Miss Mary Hervey
  214. Lord and Lady Houghton
  215. Lord and Lady Alexander Kennedy
  216. Major Lord and Lady Kilmarnock
  217. Lord Langford
  218. Lord Algernon Gordon Lennox
  219. Lord and Lady Londesborough and the Hon. Misses Denison
  220. Lord Lurgan
  221. Lord Charles Moutagu
  222. Lord Richard Nevill
  223. Lord H. Nevill
  224. Lord and Lady Norreys
  225. General Lord and Lady Alfred Paget and the Misses Paget
  226. Lord Henry Paulet
  227. Lord and Lady Berkeley Paget
  228. Lord and Lady Revelstoke and Hon. Elizabeth Baring
  229. Lord Rendlesham and the Hon. Misses Thellusson
  230. Lord and Lady Ribblesdale
  231. Lord Rowton
  232. Lord and Lady Rothschild
  233. Lord Rodney
  234. Lord and Lady Rossmore and Miss Naylor
  235. Lord and Lady Sandhurst
  236. Lord Stanhope
  237. Lord Saltoun
  238. Lady Sarah Spencer
  239. Lord Skelmersdale
  240. Lord and Lady Edward Somerset
  241. Major Lord Arthur Somerset
  242. Lord and Lady Suffield and the Hon. Misses Harbord
  243. Lord and Lady Edmund Talbot
  244. Lord Henry Vane Tempest
  245. Lord Herbert Vane Tempest
  246. Lord and Lady Ventry and Hon. Misses de Moleyns
  247. Lord and Lady Wantage
  248. Lord and Lady Walsingham
  249. Lord Waterpark
  250. Lord and Lady Windsor
  251. Lord and Lady Wimborne
  252. the Right Hon. Arthur W. Peel (the Speaker), Mrs. Peel and Miss Julia Peel
  253. the Right Hon. Henry Chaplin
  254. the Right Hon. Sir William and Lady Emily Hart Dyke
  255. the Right Hon. Sir James Fergusson
  256. the Right Hon. W. E. and Mrs. Gladstone
  257. the Right Hon Sir Henry James
  258. the Right Hon. James Lowther
  259. the Right Hon. Sir Edward and Lady Ermyntrude Malet
  260. General the Right Hon. Sir Henry and the Hon. Lady Ponsonby, and the Misses Ponsonby
  261. Colonel the Right Hon. Sir F. and Lady Constance Stanley
  262. the Right Hon. Sir Charles Lennox Wyke
  263. The Hon H. T. Allsopp
  264. the Hon. Charles and Mrs. Allsopp
  265. the Hon. William Bagot
  266. the Hon. William Barrington
  267. the Hon. R. and Mrs. Brett
  268. the Hon. Lady Biddulph and Miss Biddulph
  269. the Hon. Cecil and Mrs. Bingham
  270. Colonel the Hon. Henry Byng and the Misses Byng
  271. Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon Charles Byng
  272. the Hon. L. Byng
  273. the Hon. J. H. S. Byng
  274. the Hon. Edward and Mrs. Bourke
  275. the Hon. Mark Bouverie
  276. Colonel the Hon. E. Boscawen
  277. the Hon. Algernon Bourke
  278. the Hon. Henry and Mrs. Bourke, and Miss Lambart
  279. the Hon. C. Bourke
  280. the Hon. Mrs. Robert Bruce
  281. the Hon. Thomas and Mrs. Bruce, and Miss Elsie Bruce
  282. Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. W. and Mrs. Carington
  283. the Hon. Frederick and Lady Adelaide Cadogan and the Misses Cadogan
  284. Hon. Alan Charteris
  285. Hon. R. Carington
  286. Rear-Admiral Hon. W. C. Carpenter
  287. Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. Charles Crichton
  288. Colonel Hon. W. and Mrs. Colville and Miss M. Colville
  289. Hon. H. and Lady Katharine Coke and Miss Coke
  290. Captain Hon. C. and Mrs. Colville
  291. Colonel Hon. W. Coke
  292. Captain Hon. W. Coke
  293. Major Hon. Montagu Curzon
  294. Hon. Otway Cuffe
  295. Hon. Mrs. Cust and the Misses Cust
  296. Captain Hon. North and Mrs. Dalrymple and Miss Liddell
  297. Captain Hon. Edward Dawson
  298. Hon. Francis Denison
  299. Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. Everard Digby
  300. Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. C. E. Edgcumbe
  301. Hon. Mrs. L. Agar Ellis and Miss Harriet Ellis
  302. Hon. L. Agar Ellis and Miss Caroline Ellis
  303. Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. C. J. C. Eliot and Miss Eliot
  304. Hon. Sir Spencer and Hon. Lady Ponsonby Fane and Miss C. Ponsonby
  305. Major-General the Hon. W. Feilding
  306. Hon. Alexander T. and Mrs. Fitzmaurice
  307. Hon. Audrey Fitzclarence
  308. Hon. Thomas and Mrs. Fitzwilliam
  309. Hon. Henry W. and Lady Mary Fitzwilliam
  310. Hon. W. and Mrs. Gerard, Miss Emily Milner, and Miss Sheffield
  311. Captain Hon. Greville
  312. Hon. S. Greville
  313. Capt. Hon. H. Ormsby Gore
  314. General Hon. Sir A. and Lady Hardinge and the Misses Hardinge
  315. Hon. Gilbert Hastings
  316. Hon. Asheton Harbord
  317. Hon. Sidney and Lady Beatrix Herbert
  318. Captain Hon. Cospatrick D. Home
  319. the Hon. A. Johnstone
  320. Admiral of the Fleet Hon. Sir A. H. and Lady Keppel and Miss Keppel
  321. Commander Hon. H. Lambton
  322. the Hon. Arthur and Mrs. Lawley
  323. Hon. Henry Leeson
  324. the Hon. Reginald Lister
  325. the Hon. E. and Lady Fanny Marjoribanks
  326. the Hon. R. Meade and Miss Mary Meade
  327. the Hon. Algernon and Mrs. Mills
  328. Captain the Hon. D. and Mrs. Monson and the Misses Monson
  329. Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. Oliver Montagu
  330. Captain the Hon. Victor and Lady Agneta Montagu
  331. Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. C. C. and Mrs. Molyneux
  332. Commander the Hon. Spencer
  333. Captain the Hon. Algernon Sydney
  334. the Hon. Henry Stonor and the Hon. Julia Stonor
  335. the Hon. Arthur Somerset
  336. the Hon. Edward Stonor
  337. the Hon. Humphrey and Lady Feodore Sturt
  338. Lieutenant-Colonel the Hon. R. and Mrs. Talbot
  339. the Hon. Leonard Tyrwhitt
  340. the Hon. H. Tyrwliitt Wilson
  341. the Hon. Arthur Walsh
  342. the Hon. Luke and Mrs. White
  343. the Hon. R. Winn
  344. the Hon. Alexander Yorke
  345. the Hon. Mrs. Eliot Yorke
  346. Sir George Arthur
  347. Sir Edward and Hon. Lady Birkbeck
  348. Lieutenant-General Sir Seymour Blanc
  349. Sir Richard and Lady Magdalen Bulkeley
  350. Sir Robert and Lady Buxton and Miss Buxton
  351. Sir Archibald and Hon. Lady Campbell of Blythswood
  352. Sir William and Lady Clarke and Miss Clarke
  353. Sir George Chetwynd and the Marchioness of Hastings
  354. Sir Savile Crossley
  355. Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William Gordon Gumming
  356. Sir Henry Edwardes
  357. Sir Maurice and Lady Fitzgerald
  358. Lady Forbes and Miss Forbes
  359. Sir Charles Forbes
  360. Sir Edward and Lady Guinness
  361. Sir Frederick Johnstone
  362. Sir John and Lady Lister Kaye and Miss Iznaga
  363. Sir F. Leighton
  364. Sir Simon Lockhart
  365. Sir F. and Lady Milner
  366. Sir Francis Montefiore
  367. Sir John and Lady Elizabeth St. Aubyn and the Misses St. Aubyn
  368. Lady Scott and tbe Misses Scott
  369. Sir John C. Willoughby
  370. Sir George and Lady Julia Wombwell and the Misses Wombwell
  371. Sir Philip Currie
  372. Colonel Sir Henry Ewart
  373. Sir Philip and Lady Cunliffe-Owen and the Misses Cunliffe-Owen
  374. Admiral Sir R. J. and Hon. Lady Macdonald and the Misses Macdonald
  375. Lieutenant-General Sir Dighton and Lady Probyn
  376. Sir Charles and the Hon. Lady Du Cane and the Misses Du Cane
  377. Sir Rivers Wilson
  378. Sir Algernon and Lady Borthwick
  379. Sir Oscar Clayton
  380. Sir Albert Sassoon
  381. Sir Arthur Sullivan
  382. Sir Allen Young
  383. Lieutenant-General Hope Crealock
  384. Lieutenant-General and Hon. Mrs. Higginson and Miss Higginson
  385. Lieutenant-General and Mrs. Frederic Marshall and Miss Marshall
  386. Major-General Bateson
  387. Major-General Du Plat
  388. Major-General Charles Fraser
  389. Major-General Reilly
  390. Major-General and Mrs. Owen Williams
  391. Colonel and Mrs. Stanley Clarke and Miss Clarke
  392. Colonel Duncombe
  393. Colonel and Hon. Mrs. Arthur Ellis
  394. Colonel and Mrs. Keith Fraser
  395. Colonel Milne Holme
  396. Colonel and Lady Emily Kingscote
  397. Colonel and Mrs. Robert Liddell
  398. Colonel and Mrs. J. Cecil Russell
  399. Colonel Frank S. Russell
  400. Colonel Adolphus Stephens
  401. Colonel Reginald Thynne
  402. Colonel Albert Williams
  403. Colonel and Mrs. E. Wood
  404. Lieutenant-Colonel Brabazon
  405. Lieutenant-Colonel Francis Baring
  406. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Barrington Campbell
  407. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Chaine and the Misses Sayer
  408. Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur Collins
  409. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs Custance
  410. Lieutenant Colonel G. A. and Mrs. Curzon
  411. Lieutenant-Colonel H. Eaton
  412. Lieutenant-Colonel Farquharson
  413. Lieutenant-Colonel A. C. FitzGeorge
  414. Lieutenant-Colonel Aubone Fife
  415. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Hugh Gough
  416. Lieutenant-Colonel and Hon. Mrs. Oliphant
  417. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Arthur Paget
  418. H. F. C. Cavendish
  419. Mr. Harvey Alexander
  420. Mr. Oswald Ames
  421. Mr. and Mrs. Tyssen Amherst and the Misses Amherst
  422. Mr. Hamilton Aidé
  423. Mr. Leonard Arthur
  424. Mr. R. Bedingfeld
  425. Mr. and Mrs. Dunlop Best
  426. Mr. W. Billington
  427. Mr. Victor Biddulph
  428. Mr. Shelley Bontein
  429. Mr. Courtney and Lady Muriel Boyle
  430. Mr. Bulteel
  431. Mr. George and Lady Georgina Buchanan
  432. Mr. Lionel Bulteel
  433. Mr. Henry Cadogan
  434. Mr. Henry Calcraft
  435. Mr. and Mrs. George Cavendash Bentinck [sic; s/b Cavendish]
  436. Mr. and Mrs. Atkinson Clark
  437. Mr. and Mrs. Calley
  438. Mr. Caryl Craven
  439. Mr. and Mrs. Chamberlain and Miss Chamberlain
  440. Mr. Christian Combe and Lady Jane Seymour Combe
  441. Mr. Charles Crutchley and Miss Crutchley
  442. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Cunard
  443. Mr. Ernest Cust
  444. Mr. and Lady Horatia Erskine
  445. Mr. Horace Farquhar
  446. Mr. Granville Farquhar
  447. Mr. Ffrench of Monivea
  448. Mr. and Mrs. George Forbes
  449. Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Flower
  450. Mr. and Mrs. C. Cunninghame Graham
  451. Mr. Herbert Gardner
  452. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. W. H. Gladstone
  453. Mrs. and Miss Beach Grant
  454. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Grey and Miss Holford
  455. Mr. Charles Grenfell
  456. Mr. W. H. Grenfell
  457. Mr. George Greville
  458. Mr. Frederick Glyn and Miss Coralie Glyn
  459. Mr. E. W. Hamilton
  460. Mr. Charles Hall
  461. Mrs. Hartmann
  462. Mr. Frederick Hartmann
  463. Mr. C. H. A. Hervey
  464. Mr. F. W. F. Hervey
  465. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Hichens
  466. Mr. H. V. and Lady Hilda Higgins
  467. Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Hope
  468. Mr. Holzmann
  469. Mr. A. Hughes-Onslow
  470. Mr. Hulse
  471. Mr. and Mrs Arthur James
  472. Mr. Cecil and Lady Beatrice Lister Kaye
  473. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kennard
  474. Mr. Nigel Kingscote
  475. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Knollys
  476. Mr. Francis Knollys
  477. Miss Knollys
  478. Mrs. H. Blundell Leigh, Miss Leigh, and Miss Antrobus
  479. Mr. H. Gerard Leigh
  480. Mr. and Mrs. John Leslie
  481. Mr. John Savile Lumley
  482. Mr. and Lady Sophia Macnamara
  483. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Manners
  484. Mr. and Mrs. Mackenzie of Kintail
  485. Mrs. Mackay
  486. Mr. Marcus H. Milner
  487. Mr. F. Bingham Mildmay
  488. Mr. Alfred Montgomery
  489. Mr. Charles Morley
  490. Mr. Ronald Moncrieff
  491. Mr. Cecil Murray
  492. Mr. H. Naylor-Leyland
  493. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oppenheim
  494. Mr. James Orde and the Misses Orde
  495. Mr. Charles Orde
  496. Mr. Almeric Paget
  497. Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Paget
  498. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Payne and Miss Payne
  499. Mr. Henry Petre
  500. Mr. W. F. Peel
  501. Mr. Charles P. Phelps
  502. Mr. Reginald A. H. Peel
  503. Mr. H. C. Petre
  504. Mr. H. W. Primrose
  505. Mrs. Trevor Plowden
  506. Mr. Chandos[?] Pole
  507. Mr. and Mrs. Brown Potter
  508. Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Richardson and Mrs. M. Thouron
  509. Mr. Allen Thorndike Rice
  510. Mrs. Ronalds
  511. Mr. Alfred de Rothschild
  512. Mr. and Mrs. Leopold de Rothschild
  513. Mr. Augustus W. Savile
  514. Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Sassoon and the Misses Sassoon
  515. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sassoon
  516. Mr. and Mrs. Sparke
  517. Mr. St. Aubyn
  518. Mr. J. T. St. Aubyn
  519. Mr. and Mrs. F. Sloane Stanley
  520. Mr. Edward Sassoon
  521. Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Sands and Miss Sands
  522. Mr. A. Condie Stephen
  523. Mr. Francis Stephens
  524. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sneyd
  525. Mr. Edgar Sebright
  526. Mr. Guy Stephenson
  527. Mr. and Mrs. Ker Seymer
  528. Mr. C. G. Sinclair
  529. Mr. Christopher Sykes
  530. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Somers-Cocks and Miss Laura Gurney
  531. Mr. and Mrs. Tatton
  532. Mr Tredcroft
  533. Mr. Adolphus Vane Tempest
  534. Mr. W. Anstruther Thomson
  535. Mr. and Lady Emily Van de Weyer
  536. Mr. Graham Vivian
  537. Mr. Edgar Vincent
  538. Mr. and Mrs. Vyner and the Misses Vyner
  539. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Dudley Ward
  540. Mr. W. Warden
  541. Mr. and Mrs. Luke Wheeler
  542. Mr. Hugo Wemyss
  543. Mrs. Erskine Wemyss and Miss Wemyss
  544. Mr. and Mrs. Cornwallis West
  545. Mr. and Mrs. Henry White
  546. Mr. Victor A. Williamson
  547. Mr. and Mrs. Hwfa Williams
  548. Mrs. Scott Winslow and Miss Winslow
  549. Mr. Wilson Patten
  550. Mr. George Wyndham
  551. Mr. Edward M. Stuart Wortley


<quote>The string band of the Royal Artillery was in attendance, under the direction of the Cavalieri L. Lavertal.</quote> (BaMHMP1886-07-22)

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