Social Victorians/1886-03-13 Reception at the French Embassy

Dinner and Reception at the French EmbassyEdit


  • 1886 March 13, Saturday evening
  • Hosted by the French Ambassador William Henry Waddington and his wife, Madame Waddington
  • At the French Embassy.

Who Was PresentEdit


  1. the Danish Minister and Madame de Falbe
  2. Earl and Countess Spencer
  3. Viscount and Viscountess Hood and Hon. Mabel Hood
  4. Lady Abercromby
  5. Hon. F. Leveson Gower
  6. Sir Thomas Brassey
  7. Mrs. Phelps
  8. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Buxton
  9. Mr. F. O. Adams
  10. Mr. J. Bryce
  11. Mr. James Knowles
  12. Mrs. and Miss Peel
  13. Mr. Walter
  14. Count and Countess d'Aubigny
  15. Vicomte de Saint-Genys
  16. M. E. Bapst


  1. the Russian Ambassador and Madame and Mdlle. de Staal
  2. the Turkish Ambassador
  3. the German Ambassador and Countess Hélene Hatzfeldt
  4. the Italian Ambassador
  5. the Belgian Minister
  6. the Spanish Minister
  7. the Portuguese Minister and Madame d'Antas
  8. the Chinese Minister and Lady Blossom
  9. the Japanese Minister and Madame Kawase
  10. the Greek Minister
  11. the Mexican Chargé d'Affaires and Madame del Campo
  12. Mrs. Phelps
  13. Count Alderberg
  14. Count Anadia
  15. Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Waru
  16. Baron Plessen
  17. Mikayl Khan
  18. Count Pourtales
  19. Commander and Mrs. Chadwick
  20. Mr. Nordenfelt
  21. Chevalier Correa
  22. Count and Countess Bentinck
  23. Baroness de Brienen and Madlle. de Brienen
  24. Count Duddzeele
  25. the Marquis Malaspina (Secretary to the Italian Embassy)
  26. Madame de Laski and Mesdlles. de Laski
  27. Captain d'O. de la Batie
  28. Mrs. Ferreira Pinto
  29. M. and Madame von André
  30. M. T. Ohyama
  31. M. D. Nedeyano
  32. Count Esterhazy
  33. the Duchess of Bedford and Lady Ela Russell
  34. Earl and Countess Beauchamp
  35. the Earl and Countess of Cork
  36. the Earl and Countess of Sefton
  37. the Earl of Kilmorey
  38. the Countess of Rosebery
  39. the Countess Dowager of Airlie and Lady Griselda Ogilvy
  40. the Countess of Dunraven
  41. the Countess of Cottenham and Miss Boyle
  42. Viscount Barrington
  43. Viscount Cranborne
  44. Lord and Lady Egerton of Tatton
  45. Lord and Lady Sandhurst
  46. Lord and Lady Cremorne
  47. Lord and Lady Esher
  48. Lord Gerard
  49. Lord Monk Bretton and Hon. Misses Dodson
  50. Lord Zouche and Miss Curzon
  51. Lady Tweedmouth
  52. Lady Lurgan and Hon. Misses Brownlow
  53. Lady Dorothy Nevill
  54. Lady Alfred Churchill and Miss Paget
  55. Lady Trevelyan
  56. Hon. Lady Du Cane and the Misses Du Cane
  57. Lady Antrobus and Miss Florence Antrobus
  58. Colonel the Hon William and Mrs. Colville and Miss Colville
  59. General the Hon. Sir H. Ponsonby and Miss Ponsonby
  60. Hon. W. Lowther, M.P., and Mrs. and the Misses Lowther
  61. Hon. Ralph and Mrs. Dutton
  62. Hon. Kenneth Howard
  63. Hon. Erie and Mrs. Barrington and Miss Dallas Yorke
  64. Hon. Mr. Bourke
  65. Hon. J. B. Roche
  66. Hon. Mrs. Gathorne-Hardy
  67. Hon. Mrs. Edwardes
  68. Hon. Mrs. L. Agar Ellis
  69. Hon. Alec Yorke
  70. Hon. Mrs. Hallyburton Campbell
  71. Hon. Mrs. Charles Colville and Hon. Miss Colville
  72. Hon. Charles Hanbury Lennox
  73. Hon. Fitzroy Stewart
  74. Hon. Helen Henniker
  75. the Right Hon. Sir R. A. Cross, M.P., and Lady Cross
  76. the Right Hon. A. Beresford-Hope, M.P., and Misses Beresford-Hope (2)
  77. the Right Hon. Hugh Childers, M.P., and Mrs. Childers
  78. the Right Hon. G. Cavendish Bentinck, M.P., and Mrs. Cavendish Bentinck
  79. the Right Hon. A. J. Mundella, M.P., and Mrs. and Miss Mundella
  80. the Right Hon. Sir Robert Peel, M.P.
  81. Sir Charles Forster, M.P.
  82. Sir Julian Pauncefote
  83. Sir Julian Goldsmid, M.P., and Lady Goldsmid
  84. Sir Algernon Borthwick, M.P.
  85. Sir Reginald Barnewall
  86. Sir A. Savile Lumley
  87. Sir Halliday and Lady Macartney
  88. Sir T. Villiers Lister and Miss Lister
  89. Sir John Rose
  90. Sir Arthur Sullivan
  91. Sir Harry Verney
  92. Sir Philip and Grey Egerton
  93. General and Mrs. Stuart
  94. General Van Alen
  95. Colonel and Hon. Mrs. Ivor Herbert
  96. Colonel and Mrs. Stanley Clarke
  97. Colonel and Mrs. Julian Hall and Miss Hall
  98. Colonel Arthur Collins
  99. Captain and Mrs. E. St. J. Mildmay
  100. Captain Hozier
  101. Mr. and Hon. Mrs. Roger Eykyn
  102. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
  103. Miss Walter
  104. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell
  105. Mr. Henry Oppenheim
  106. Mr. Herbert Praed
  107. Mr. and Mrs. Mellor and Miss Mellor
  108. Mrs. Douglas Murray
  109. Mr. and Mrs. L'Estrange
  110. Mr. Henry James
  111. Mr. Humphrey Ward
  112. Mrs. Granville Bradley and Miss Bradley
  113. Mr. Courtenay
  114. Mr. Newton
  115. Mr. Charles Arbuthnot
  116. Mr. Francis Stephens
  117. Mr. Ward Cook
  118. Mr. Austin Lee
  119. Mr. Power
  120. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Ricardo
  121. Mr. Warden
  122. Miss Gordon Cumming
  123. Miss Thorold
  124. Mr. Hay Newton
  125. Mr. Edgar Vincent
  126. Miss Jenkins
  127. Mr. and Miss Beaumont
  128. Mr. F. Villiers
  129. Mrs. and Miss Singleton
  130. Mrs. Burrowes
  131. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cockerell
  132. Mr. Gillett
  133. Mr. and the Misses Murray
  134. Mr. H. Hervey
  135. Mr. Hamilton Aidé
  136. Mrs. Ronalds, Fanny Ronalds
  137. Mrs. Bisschoffsheim
  138. Mr. Harold Lowther
  139. Mr. Horace West
  140. Mrs. and the Misses Harford
  141. Mr. and Mrs. Baird
  142. Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Jervoise
  143. Mr. J. J. Van Alen
  144. Mr. Freund
  145. Mrs. Deichmann and Misa Harford
  146. And others

Questions and NotesEdit

  1. Get name of French Ambassador.